Eric Zemmour:

the choice of the unconditional winner it is the law of all great wars. At the end of the Thirty years war, it was the France of Richelieu and Louis XIV dominated in the new Europe, emerged from the Westphalian peace Treaty. In 1815, after the battle of Waterloo, Britain became dominant in the nineteenth century. And the two world wars made the US a hegemon of the twentieth century.

Coronavirus is war, as stated by Emmanuel macron, and many other heads of state, and she is no exception to the rule. At first, everyone thought that the epidemic will cause irreparable blow to China. Europe and the United States defiantly rejoiced in the misfortunes of the Chinese. We laughed at the lack of basic hygiene, excessive pollution, the tyrannical restrictions of totalitarian regimes. And then China has managed to get out of a difficult position, while European countries have plunged into this nightmare.

the Contexta Convoy of vehicles with Russian military doctors during a March in BergamoJP: Europe turned away from Italy. Why help Russia?Jyllands-Posten26.03.Sasapost 2023: a world in which is full of weapons, but no масокSasapost27.03.2020 But the worst was yet to come: Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea. Those in China’s neighboring countries was quickly taken to combat the epidemic. There was a mass struggle by using test masks and respirators, were closed borders, movement of people was monitored. Used old-fashioned and modern methods of protection. The West in vain mocked authoritarian regimes and the remnants of Confucian culture, the results were conclusive: a small number of deaths and not collapsed economy. In European countries everything is exactly the opposite.

the Unquestionable supremacy

for a Long time in France thought that Italy will be the only exception due to shortcomings in its hospital system. We didn’t realize that Italy was the only Outpost of our own degradation. No tests, no masks, no respirators — we fought a war without modern weapons, but with weapons of the 19th century: universal isolation. The most fatal to freedom measure. And our usual defenders of the rights and freedoms of the media, intellectuals, progressives welcomed these measures and call for more and more! Our leaders had the audacity to tell us that the masks and tests are worthless.

We remember that in the “Strange defeat,” the historian Marc Bloch has called our military defeat is a consequence of our abdication from the past. The same thing happens with measures to combat coronavirus. Our ideology of a borderless world does not allow us to close the borders; our rules have led to a reduction in stocks of masks; our liberal assumptions destroyed the state’s ability to plan and predict. As for our European sovereignty, it disappears. As said by the former foreign Minister of France Hubert védrine, “the European Union, the single market and competition policy was created for a world without tragedies.” And when trouble knocks on our door, our understanding of the world puts us to our knees, while Asian countries demonstrate their unquestionable superiority.

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