Washington Monthly (US): as Biden will change relations of Russia and the USA

If Joe Biden will win the presidential race, we can expect a 180 hrusov in relations between the US and Russia. Days podlizyvaniya to Vladimir Putin suddenly come to an end. USA will no longer remain a space open to any Russian intervention. And yet the USA will not more at the mercy of the unpredictable President with his Amateur diplomacy and periodic convulsive gusts to lift sanctions against Moscow. The sanctions that should be actually destroying. At the same time Biden opens the door for constructive dialogue.

in Other words, Putin will finally get hard agorot from the American leader, truly versed in public Affairs and seasoned diplomacy of the cold war. “Russian does not want me to be a candidate in these elections – said Biden in a CBS interview. So they spent a lot of money on the bots in Facebook. They even spotted how they inspired all that Biden is the bad guy. They just don’t want Biden ran”.

And it does not want Russian for quite significant reasons. Unlike the President of trump — which confused the Baltics with the Balkans and had no idea that China borders with India — Biden our time in international relations and expand and deepen.

no wonder He’s 36 years in the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs, and half of that time as Chairman. And he’s friends with a whole bunch of world leaders and politicians. Half his tenure in the Senate, by the way, came to the cold war. During these years, the Senator from the state of Delaware as tough on the Soviet Union about human rights. A Eschhe scolded Moscow for its expansionism, while managing to be a leading advocate of arms reduction. Most of all calling for negotiations on this subject.

In the article-an essay written for the journal “foreign Affairs” in 2018 in collaboration with Russia specialist Michael carpenter, Biden kept his policy of carrot and stick against Moscow. The US should lead a coalition of allies, writes Biden to do one thing. Namely — “to make Moscow pay a high price for violations of international law and the sovereignty of other countries.” And the price that Biden proposes to include sanctions. However, he called for continued negotiations with the Kremlin, keeping, however, a hard line about, in order to prevent Russian interference in our elections.

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Michael Haltzel, a former adviser to Biden on foreign policy in his Senate days, told me: as President, Biden would go back to build relations between Russia and the United States, in close coordination with NATO allies. But while Biden will not accept any Russian interference in the elections. Based on my experience with Biden, Halzel says hamong the priorities of the new President will be the fight against Putin’s intervention in Ukraine, the Balkans, Syria and in all other places. And all this — along with the resumption of negotiations on reduction of nuclear weapons. “Biden understands that Putin is necessary to be tough,” says Helzel.

Biden’s Approach to Russia should be considered in the context of gradual withdrawal of Democrats from the prevailing post-cold war neo-liberal consensus in favor of globalization. This writes foreign policy expert at the Brookings institution Thomas Wright: “Foreign policy Biden definitely will not be revolutionary. But in 2021, the Democrats if successful will hold a kind of silent reformation.” Democrats are very concerned about the world’s growing authoritarianism, including the question of the increase of the authoritarianism and the decline of freedom in Russia.

So if Moscow will again try to interfere in the American elections, the Democrats just will not stop before going to meet a powerful new sanctions, according to Wright. They may require against Russia’s action is the most severe punishment.

Like many of us, Moscow was not ready, was just shocked when Biden is suddenly back in the forefront of the presidential race after the vote in “super Tuesday” and the primaries in South Carolina.

the Russians, meanwhile, seem to support Sanders ‘ campaign. They consider this self-proclaimed democratic socialist as a great punching bag for trump.

But now the Kremlin seems to understand that faced with a new reality and forced to adapt to it. The Russian propaganda resource RT is trying to represent the victory of Biden as “a conspiracy of the elites against ordinary voters”. And Biden will these manipulatora is portrayed as a weakling, limp cloth. “Almost guaranteed that Obama, not Biden will set the tone in the oval office,” predicts RT.

you Can imagine how will be broken heart of the Kremlin’s siloviki (security forces and are the ones that came from the security services, like Putin himself) — you can imagine how they will squirm, looking to defeat trump. Yes, and on the defeat of the trump from the hand of a competent candidate for the presidency, which Putin certainly looks without any rose-colored glasses. Putin is that even say about Biden does not solve anything. He and his advisers must be frantically looking for the exit.

Yes, and many of the Russian oligarchs eats personal reasons to worry. “They all have children and grandchildren to live and study in the United States. The threat to block their account and send your offspring home to parents is a cause for great concern of Putin and his entourage”, says based now in the US, the Russian dissident-journalist Ksenia Kirillova. And here, in this story with children abroad, it touches the other side of relations of the Russian Federation, the United States, which in the West often don’t notice.

In terms of working with institutions, the administration, Biden will return exactly traditional forms of diplomacy and public policy. It again gain the power Department, which traditionally was responsible for coordinating U.S. policy around the world and foreign policy, and security policy. And these agencies — the state Department and National Security Council. And, of course, Biden will catch every word of its intelligence community — much to the intelligence services-he is sure to listen.

In the past Biden has traditionally preferred soft power pramosa military intervention. But his first task will be to rebuild the institutions, subjected to severe destruction at the trump. This will mean the appointment of respected experts to the most important positions and restoration of the former [the Obama] system of policy formulation. It would be simple enough to do. If trump hates experts, Biden simply deifies.

the result is that the American people can expect that he will hear, finally, the truth from the White house. Such will be the consequence of the election of Biden. And for Putin there will be consequences — that’s for sure. In the past will stay the days when the President of the United States of America has underestimated or ignored the external interference in the elections.

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