Zaxid (Ukraine): Merkel against whiskers

We tend to think of the end of 2013 – beginning of 2014 years struggle of civilizations for European values, the struggle for freedom and the right to choose their own future. Independence and the war with Russia became a symbol of struggle against ossified civilization, at the entrance to the new world. However, we focus on individual moments: independence, war, Tomos, language. Do not look at the situation together, and rejoice only individual victories. Don’t understand that it’s only winning battles but not the war. Therefore, there is such a situation: we win the battle but lose the war. And with each passing day more and more. This defeat we often call revenge and focus only on policies, not to mention society as a whole.

the First and most important thing you need to understand that the majority of Ukrainians was and still is inert and will continue to act as accustomed or as once taught. Therefore, even in the twenty-first century, we prefer traditions, not rational decisions. Deliberately not use the term “majority”, because without evidence it is just empty words. And “most” everyone who will read it will have its own, and each camp will interpret it differently. This large piece does not affect the situation, she acts as a background for all events.

Six years we have EU aspirations, but human rights are treated as something marginal. I want the army to NATO standards, but to sabotage most of the reforms or cover their naked “Glory to Ukraine”. Talk about values, trust, love, but I live on the Asian (Russian) principles of “do not forget, not forgive.” And here it is not about war, but about everyday life.

Everything in life is tested by moments of crisis. Therefore, at that time, when all is quiet, despite the war, very simple to play the game “Who is the bigger patriot” or “Who wants to Europe.” In early March, a large part of Ukrainians were Pro-European-minded people of the new formation. But it turned out that many European values alien to us, because during the crisis, the fight against coronavirus, appear very different needs and visions.

That’s peculiar to Ukrainians such characteristics: responsible attitude not only to themselves but to their environment; the understanding that there is no need to sow panic; use only trusted sources and willingness to help, despite his condition and against the other, to power or to the Ukrainian medicine? And if you smiled and thought that this is about you, it is better analyze their actions. Because such people are not as much as we think. On the one hand, you post appeal to Angela Merkel, and on the other engage in positive discrimination of those who are now responsible for the organization of anti-crisis measures. Using the words “activist”, “expert”, “Advisor”, “representative of some of the Council” criticized the quarantine, because we are against someone.

the Other happy to write and spread the word allegedly Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik and alcohol addicted, at first glance, the ex-football player Alexander Aliyev that the coronavirus is fake, we have nothing to fear. Some even spread absurd claim that this is a special operation. And guess whose? Right, USA! And I will please you if you’re alright, then, according to these people, you hit the “Golden billion”, who allegedly wanted to create masons and world government.

Such behavior not only reflects their shallow sNeneh the understanding of the situation, but that this order of things is more simple, familiar and intuitive. Also, not surprisingly — it is formed in Russia, which still doesn’t declare any quarantine measures, and people are supposedly sick of SARS, not a coronavirus. The last two weeks have shown that we are still in the information value space of the Soviet Union, not Europe. And it concerns not only, as they say, the East of Ukraine. This applies to all. Western Ukraine is even more evident.

Because we shout about our love for our neighbour, about trust and respect, but are not willing to do anything if it is even slightly hurt our interests. So when the next time will be to post a video “and look there, in Russia” it is better to think about the battle people in vehicles over the tenth and eleventh who, or how Ukrainians attack and block the transport of patients. And no need to say that this is a provocation, that is a separate “idiots”. There are many, and they have tacit support.

this Whole situation shows that over the past six years the Ukrainians were not offered nothing new, absolutely nothing. Very good to comfort himself with the thought that the minority make the changes, and therefore, if we, a group of a hundred people, see, feel and understand, others will soon see. But that “soon” is very slow. And emptiness, when one said bad, and the other one is not offered, you begin to return to the old, because it’s easier and more intuitive. We have not formed their values. Even the so-called “red lines”, which constantly remind the authorities, we do not have.

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Many will say this is not what I had to do something, let the authorities does. And will be partially right. But we still have intellectuals, who once successfully served the Communist leadership, and then oligarchic, then Patriotic, Pro and so on. In the modern world we don’t remain closed alone with propaganda, we have the ability to read, analyze, to get new information and then to act. But don’t do that! We like it when people with no education said something simple and interesting. Let him be responsible for it. Not even the calls “make in China” is not primarily the understanding that has actually been in China, what power there. It is rather a willingness to give everything in the hands of the autocratic power, or even a dictator. But the image of Putin, which all can, more attractive and understandable. I’m not ready to Ukraine was like in China, like in Germany. Because of the totalitarian and Communist state for me, not so attractive as democratic.

the Confrontation of value systems “Merkel” — “Mustache” very impressively demonstrates the values, ideological and perhaps even educational as companies. These are two different poles, which have different capabilities and needs. As said one of the Ukrainians, who returned from Poland to Ukraine: “it’s not my problem”. We will continue to give everything to OTKup to the state, creating not a European country, and a modified Russia or Belarus.

At the same time, if the government is set to build a European Ukraine, it must adhere to the principle of transparency of decision-making, because democratic society is important. But if we are a democratic country, should not support an incomprehensible decision to abandon the desire for a “strong hand” and be ready to protest.

Win Merkel Moustache? We obtained values in the inheritance, they impose more than seventy years, and “the man from New Sanjar” sitting in the head of each of us. The values about which we often speak, which are distributed together with the speech of the Chancellor of Germany, has not yet taken root in society. Society tends to be different to what is already there and living in us. The environment around us is always pushing, and it is easier to go with the flow. But you need to be more responsible to the environment, to try to make a difficult decision on their own (self-isolation, to go to the doctor). Each of us has his own task, there is the problem of the state, there is a problem of society.

“Most people don’t actually want freedom, because it recognized that the responsibility and liability of the majority of people are afraid” — this phrase is attributed to Sigmund Freud. And recent events show that many Ukrainians are not ready for freedom, they want someone who will be responsible for them. Now, the Tendril to them more attractive than Merkel and Putin — than democracy.

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