Íñigo Errejón has waived this Monday, to your act as parliamentarian in the autonomous communities. The candidate of More Country to the Presidency of the Government, and until now the deputy in the Madrid Assembly culminates the process of departure of the autonomous body to focus on the election campaign. “We want a coherent transition and progressive: in the pre-campaign we did with the spokesman, and now with the act. The transition will end after the November 10, with a strong group in the Assembly and a strong group in the Congress”, have secured sources of More Madrid, the regional brand that was founded Errejón ago, just 10 months old when she left we Can.


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The first in-house movement in Over Madrid last September 28, when Paul Gomez Perpignan, until then president of the parliamentary group, was appointed spokesman in replacement of Errejón. The leader of the formation went on to occupy the office of president and the political coordination of the group. The appointment was formalized days after Errejón announced that would head the candidacy of the newly-born More Country to the general election next November 10. The seat of Errejón in the Assembly of madrid will occupy Loreto Arenillas.

The output of Errejón of the group, autonomic binds to the withdrawal of Manuela Carmena last may 26. The exalcaldesa then announced that he is leaving politics to devote himself to other personal tasks. Carmena has rejoined the public role in the campaign Over Country. The exregidora will participate in two campaign events with Errejón. The first, to lack of close detail, it will be this Wednesday in Bilbao. The judge, in addition, is headlining at the closing that the More Country is going to organize in the enclosure Madrid Arena of the capital.

More Madrid, a project with only ten months of life that prevailed in the municipal elections of the capital and break with a historical outcome in the Assembly (20 deputies), has been left without their faces more visible. No time to build up a regional structure, the formation digests the internal tensions caused by the decision to run in the November general —as More Country— backed by the foundation.


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