If you don’t expect much, is to endure the disappointment easier: more and more the principle of the EU summit, the last in Salzburg. Always the same agenda, on top of Brexit and refugees. But then again, nothing more than dissent. Well – heads, most of which are part of at the European level, of the same party family, the conservative European people’s party (EPP) noted-under the government.

It is in the case of the European Conservatives, as well as between CSU and the CDU in Germany. The a race the right-wing populists are after, or have become already. The other struggle with the success of the Right to trust, but no clear edge.

The result of mutual Blockade. And the Moderation of this Blockade is currently calculated at an Austrian Chancellor, has made in one’s own country, the populists only government is capable of. Sebastian Kurz, as Europeans, this is incredible worthiness pur.

This is a picture of the situation, the opposite is pretty accurate of what would be necessary – after a summer full of shameful failures in refugee policy. Obstruction of the private rescue ships, the last of the “Aquarius has been deprived of” even the approval, 721 drowned people according to Amnesty International, only in the months of June and July, international talks, the poor is only to Refugees instead of to the comprehensive cooperation, no practical progress in the long overdue Reform of the Dublin system: Morally as well as politically.

In Europe is required more than ever to prove himself. At least since Donald Trump ruled, is clear: In a major global conflict, there is a development in the direction of. Openness or nationalism. To tolerance or contempt. Democracy or authoritarian Thinking. The model of Progress the whole of Europe, the political growing together of our colorful, diverse continent.

It is no coincidence that this conflict has escalated on the basis of the theme of refugees – and many Conservatives like sand, the Wind is blowing. The escape and migration are responses to violence and inequality, ultimately, to the Lack of democratic, peaceful conflict resolution, what the European Union always wanted to stand for. The escape movement is a reminder of how big the task is. So big that a lot of ducking.

it is Necessary to take a clear stance would be. To the new nationalists, and their short-sighted protectionism. Compared to governments, where human rights are worth nothing. Over all, the eviction policy to their own interests. But then Europe must not only look at petty national interests, when it comes to the distribution of refugees, or to be a maximum of common border protection. Europe must once again learn to think bigger.

for others to invest in the world of long-strategic development and new influence to secure, shows China. In the EU, however, the awareness of the fact that security and prosperity depend in the long term of it is missing widely, such as our neighbouring regions, the middle East, and Africa to develop – and that we would help much more. It is time that Europe is taking concrete and comprehensive initiatives.

The Same applies within the EU: think Bigger, please! Of course, it must be accepted that individual countries to buy themselves free from capture Fugitive. But it is also short-sighted to discuss this topic in recording standby isolated.

There are, for example, in Eastern Europe, parallel topics, where the interest in Cooperation is large, such as the Expansion of the infrastructure, secure the energy supply of tomorrow, or the good jobs. It is time for a European master plan for “life in diversity” in which different interests and offset will be taken up.

Europe in the standstill

Only a package of measures in the different policy fields together in the refugee policy and for Europe as a whole movement. It is only when this movement is back, it will be possible to replace the failure of the Dublin System by means of a common European asylum policy.

Therefore, it is clear that annual Minimum amounts in all regions, fixed European investment programme would create jobs, promote Innovation and it could Wake up the discouraged. Why not the theme bundle? Why not make offers that benefit everyone and every allegation make it impossible, money would be available only for Refugees.

To hesitant or blocking governments, but also in the European Parliament still needs to be made much clearer: The success of populists is a testimony for the previous policy. Europe is to become self-fixed.

Europe is not clear enough, when it comes to values. Europe is not decisive enough when it comes to economic progress for all and to protection against poverty and deprivation. This Europe of the downtime, as we can see at EU summits again and again, playing to the populists in the hands. Europe needs to regain its objectives, reliability – and above all the courage to build a common future.


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