EU citizens were more likely to come to Russia

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the citizens of the countries – EU members were more likely to visit Russia. In 2019 in the Russian Federation visited 41.5 thousand people more than in 2018. it is reported by RT.

According to the border service of the FSB of Russia, last year the country was visited 4.75 million EU citizens. The greatest interest was recorded among the inhabitants of Finland – due to the close geographical location to Russia entered 938,6 thousand people.

In top 3 for number of tourists and visitors also included Germany and Poland – 744,4 680,3 thousands and thousands of people respectively. In addition, the increased number of trips of citizens of the Baltic countries – 43 thousand more arrived from Estonia, 10.8 thousand from Lithuania and 10.1 thousand of Latvia.

the Purpose of the visits of EU citizens vary. Most often in 2019 happened a business trip, in second place – tourism. In addition, the sought-after private visits, work and training.

According to the Committee for tourism of Moscow, in the Russian capital for the year 2019 was visited by 25 million tourists. They are attracted by the local sights, as well as large-scale themed festivals. The contribution of this direction to the city budget amounted to 147 billion rubles.

as for the Russians themselves, in the fall of 2019 they were most interested in traveling to Germany, Turkey and Italy.

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