Munich – the basic deficiencies in the assessment of the criteria. The unsuccessful architects had complained. Theoretically, it could come in a different design.

It is a powerful glass facade, which is open to the city: The internationally active architectural office Henn, Munich should shape the future face of the Gasteig. So it was decided the city in October. Whether this design will actually be realized, since Monday, but re-written in the stars. Due to procedural errors in the procurement chamber South, the government of upper Bavaria annulled the decision.

Munich: city must be given watches

turn back The wailing architects Tobias Wulf from Stuttgart and Moritz Auer from Munich was largely right. The city now must turn the watch until the end of the architecture competition. This had brought forth in may, three winners, all of the architects were asked to revise their designs. Following the procurement procedure, the complains of the government. Within two weeks, the city can appeal to the Oberlandesgericht, the Gasteig abandoned. Managing Director, Max Wagner, told our newspaper that the city will not go into the next instance. “That would delay the process.” He was “a little surprised” by the decision of the procurement chamber. Nevertheless, he was glad that “now there is clarity”.

Wagner expects a delay of four months, during which the procurement procedure is now to be rolled up again. The entire project, the Gasteig-General renovation – related- about eight years – hope he, however, can delay to catch up. Wagner said the award of the chamber have complained that the city did not provide reasons for its decision in favor of the office is sufficient. This, it is important to catch up on. That is, the criteria that led to the decision that would need to be sharpened. The dealing with the architecture of the existing building, or the integration into the city image, for example, play a role. In theory, could come out of the review, a different result, admitted Wagner. However, the Gasteig in-chief added in the same breath: “We have made the commitment to the design from the offices of Henn, even our thoughts.” Wagner and mayor Manuel Pretzl (CSU), head of the Gasteig-Supervisory Board, will now be convened for a special meeting of the Board.

“Avanti Dilettanti”: top-of-the criticism of the Opposition to the repealed Gasteig-award

One of the architects Tobias Wulf, showed on Monday, welcoming the decision of the chamber. “We came through with our complaint.” He expects new opportunities. “Of course we want to have the job. If it comes to that, you have to see, if the proceedings are reopened.“ For the Opposition in the city Council the decision of the city hall government is a reason for top-of-the-criticism. “Avanti Dilettanti”, said about the Green group Chairman Florian Roth. There have already been various legal problems. “I’ve always assumed that the black-and-red-led administration has legal departments to minimize such risks.” Roth is concerned that now is not only a lot of time, but also money to be lost.

445.000 square-foot cultural center was established in 1975 by the architects community of Rough, role-Hagen, Lindemann and Grossman designed. The origin architects had insisted, moreover, on your copyright, but no legal steps will be initiated. At the Gasteig, the Central city library, the Volkshochschule, and especially the Philharmonic orchestra are located. Because the building is getting on in years, the city decided to go for a General renovation. The tag would be provided from 2023. The cost is between 410 and 450 million euros. While the well-to 2026-term General renovation of the Gasteig to move users to Sendling. The interim headquarters is located on the utility site at the Hans-Preißinger-street.


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