Ex-Deputy head of the Ministry of environment sued journalists for photos scandalous wedding with the Secretary

the Reporters of a popular news portal has out of the marriage at that time, a senior official with the 28-year-old ex-Secretary Nina Sergeeva. For details not stint, for example, wrote that the wedding, which was celebrated in 2016 on the ship-restaurant “Lastochka”, did the former head of the Federal forestry Agency of almost a million rubles. For the Banquet the servant put 750 thousand rubles, the artists were asked for performance 80 thousand rubles, 100 thousand was paid to the master of ceremonies. Besides, journalists told about the expensive gifts to officials, which he showered the bride.

the Publication had consequences. Ex-wife, a Valentine read an article about the sweet life and told a reporter that he left with two children, one of whom is seriously ill. She lives very modestly in a rented apartment, which is for non-payment could kick her out. To pay the rent on time, not — ex-husband allegedly periodically detain alimony.

“my youngest son has serious health problems, which he can not yet attend kindergarten and, unfortunately, now I have to live with two children on child support my husband, he chronically doesn’t pay extra, so I had to go to court,” – said Catherine.

the Savelovsky court of Moscow, having considered the parties ‘ arguments, concluded that “controversial publication” the wedding officer “does not contain any negative information about the plaintiffs”. However, the article was decorated with photos taken by hidden camera. As a result, the court invalidated the use of the image, a Valentine and his new wife and sought publication in favor of each plaintiff for 5 thousand rubles.