In the state Duma has developed an unprecedented picture with the coronavirus

in the morning, as before, in the hall registered 322 deputies out of 444 list (6 seats temporarily free). But on 31 March, the head of the Committee on rules and control Olga Savastianova (“ER”) explained the absence of more than 120 people valid reasons like sickness or old age, and on April 1 the statistics of this kind it is not allowed.

the Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin praised Vladimir Zhirinovsky for what he came into room with gloves and mask. “Doctors, you have to set the right example!” – he addressed to the former chief physician of Ulyanovsk regional clinical center Alexei Kurinnoy (Communist party), the head of the Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov (“ER”) and former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko (“ER”).

There is a faction of the Communist party said that the speaker, among other things, “the right example” do not submit, and broadcasts from the Bureau, without the mask.

“my mask will not work with you to conduct a dialogue, what would you hear? BU-BU-BU!” – said the speaker.

Subsequently, some of the deputies went to report to the podium in masks, and special problems in order to understand what they said, did not arise. But for the most part members do an example to serve could not.

“We can’t sit 450 people in the room, it’s horrible! Infect each other, the distance cannot be ensured!” – said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

then Mr. Volodin and advised colleagues planned a short vacation from April 27 to may 6, and regional the week before and after it to hold “in isolation”, and work on new laws and to communicate with citizens and each other out of the house – “technology enable”.

Next week will be “work in committees”: the scheduled meeting of the factions with the Prime Minister – they had to Preface the annual report of the government, which was scheduled for April 15, but now, said the speaker, 9 April, the Duma Council will meet and decide “appropriate” whether to hold plenary meetings on 14 and 15 April.

If you decide that it is inappropriate, report pwill Ernest, and in the hall of Parliament will convene not earlier than mid-may.

meanwhile, the epidemic has already led to unique to the convening of the “rampant democracy” and described the incident Alexander CP (LDPR). The bill, which provides for the simplification of the procedure of withdrawal of land plots and buildings on them for the implementation of major infrastructure projects, it seemed, was doomed to the adoption, because the faction “United Russia” supported him, and she in the Duma, three-quarters of the votes. But passed on the first attempt was not!

“For” vote of only 218 members of the faction “United Russia”, and a simple majority required for the adoption of the law – 226. The Communist party, “SR” and LDPR was against it.

the attempts of United Russia to cancel the results of voting is not successful: they again did not have enough votes. Because not enough people: about one-third of the members of the faction during the day in a room otsutstvovala. As before.

As usual in such cases, an unexpected result was blamed on “problems” in the management of “EP” and the Duma for the remainder of the meeting time, apparently found convincing for “SR” and LDPR arguments, and with the support of these factions, the bill was passed in the first reading by 276 votes.

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