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Home Entertainment Exclusive clip for the “Berlin Berlin” film: Lolle again between two men

Exclusive clip for the “Berlin Berlin” film: Lolle again between two men

March 05, 2022 – 3:01 pm

Lolle’s latest adventure – as a feature-length film

15 years after the end of the series, the sequel will be released in theaters as a full-length feature film. Back in her leading role: Felicitas Woll (40). And two good old acquaintances, her grand cousin Sven (Jan Sosniok, 51), with whom she has an eternal on-off love, and her flat-mate Hart (Matthias Klimsa, 49), with whom they recently envision a mischievous married life could.

Felicitas Woll is once again in a tight spot as Lolle

But somehow the chaotic comic artist seems to have got it all mixed up again. Suddenly she has to choose between two men who are vying for her favor – by the way in a rather compromising elevator, as our exclusive clip shows. Film off!

The adventure of the Landeis Lolle in the big city between youngsters willing to mate was a great success from 2002 to 2005. Then the main actress Felicitas Woll felt like changing roles, but gave the part of her life another chance. Lolle’s latest adventures can be seen in our cinema from March 19, 2022. Newcomers this time: Janina Uhse, Christian Tramitz and many others.




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