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Sarah Connor: "My children are definitely a bit annoyed"

April 17, 2024 – 7:17 p.m.

Home schooling with the kids

The state of emergency has been in Germany for several weeks – singer Sarah Connor (39) is also stuck at home due to the global corona crisis. So that her fans can enjoy some distraction in difficult times, she organized an Instagram concert. She was in a good mood and gave some private insights. In the video, she reveals how chaotic everyday quarantine looks with the kids.

“My children are definitely a bit annoyed”

Sarah is the mother of four children: Tyler (16), Summer (13), Delphine (8) and little Jay (3). Three of her kiddies are of school age, so there is a lot of work involved in home schooling.

It is understandable that after five weeks of isolation, the blanket slowly falls on the head of their children. But Sarah has everything under control so far, because at home she is the boss and gives her kids clear commands when necessary.

Celebrity mom gives tips on learning

The 39-year-old isn’t the only one who admits that home schooling is a real challenge. Also model Jana Ina Zarrella (43) is slowly despairing of the persistent condition.

Sarah Connor


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