A year – a compromise between a good Winter and summer properties of tyres is always: He may much not perfect, but also nothing really bad. In the view of the TÜV Süd, the "generalists" so well, that many motorists can save the double set of wheels in addition to the annoying Wechselei and Einlagerei. "year-round owners are tyres, especially for vehicle suitable for the middle area with a lower mileage under moderate weather conditions in the city. Also the topography plays a role," says Thomas salt Inger, tire expert from the TÜV. “In cities with many slopes such as the Stuttgart require at the mud – or snow-covered roads rather according to pure winter tyres as the levels of urban centres in Northern Germany", salt-Inger.

Many gradients – better real winter tires

The manufacturer would have put a lot of development work in all-season tires, explains the expert. “The pure winter tires remain the best choice for those who need to stay in the cold Season, everywhere and always, mobile, or want to,” says salt Inger – so, especially in professional drivers or inhabitants of mountainous regions. For all but the experts in all-year Tyres now see a viable Alternative.

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all-season tires usually have a lower number of or less pronounced fins in the profile. "The snow is a noticeable disadvantage compared to winter tyres. On ice they beat, however, relatively well, in any case, not a flat rate worse than pure winter tires", the tire tester of the TÜV. The braking distances in dry, warm weather tire for year-significantly shorter and the precision higher, because their summer properties are, of course, better than the winter tyres. Cattle man flakes, The snow icon is one of the external markings for winter tires

Important: New tyres with snow flake Symbol

all-season tires will be named as follows:

All SeasonAll climate cross ClimateAll Weather

it is Important to wear most often is that the rubber flakes, the so-called snow icon (Alpine Symbol) to wear. Because this is now obligatory, so a all-season tires also in the sense of the German winter tires are mandatory in case of ice and snow is allowed. The Symbol may be used only for tyres that have completed a standard traction test. Anyone who buys a new tire, should pay attention to the snowflake. Older Tires, you could use this, but once more: "Who actually has tires, which only bear the letters M and S, it must go in a transition period until September 2024," the TÜV.

Important is the revision for the drivers of SUVs and similar vehicles. “The standard tyres is due to North American practices, often with the M+S marked, but only on very low Suitability for winter operation. In the future, such tires may be no more conditions, on winter roads, unless they are also provided with the 'Alpine' icon", the tire experts.

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