FOCUS Online: What it means to you today in our very digital world?

Franziska van Almsick: I’m actually quite old ‐ I don’t even have a calendar in the phone. Many of my friends look in your phone according to your appointments. I take my appointment calendar. There, I write my appointments with a pencil and RUB out, you’ll be classic again. I like the Haptic, which this calendar has. And that’s why I love books so much. I love it, turn pages, something to hold in the Hand. But I also read a lot of online when it offers. On my Smartphone, I listen to the news, in the holidays I have my Kindle. If you’re on the road, it makes simple sense to use an electronic device. This is much more practical than wearing his thick tomes in their Luggage around with them. And I’m reading actually newspaper very much. Since many of the memories do it for me. And I very much hope that it will never disappear entirely, although the sure electronics products will always take up more space in our lives.

FOCUS Online: you Have already all the finalists the title?

Franziska van Almsick: at The Moment, you must not ask me after that (laughs)! I don’t read easy-to-like, do it every night, but almost always. My family has fortunately been at my new job and is very gracious. I’m not going to put the books to one side, until I read every single one. I must confess, that to me is not every so easy. For example, I am not a fan of Science Fiction, as I do hard to me, even Thriller I read private. But since I have to work me accordingly. It’s one of my jury work, and because I want to be very precise, and every title a fair Chance. I’ve always been a book lover and I really enjoy it, to browse it on a free day in the book shop. In short: Currently I’m busy with the reading is good, I would have to involve me actually (laughs).

"Me a different Form of voltage&quot irritating;

FOCUS Online: How much time have you invested for the reading?

Franziska van Almsick: I have been given to me for six books in six weeks time, and reading a few hours per day. Finally, I had to give but the Gas, which are already some of the pages!

FOCUS Online: What is a good story for you?

Franziska van Almsick: you have to be exciting for me. I said already that I’m not a big Thrillerfan, therefore, a different Form of voltage excites me. I like it, for example, if stories based on true events. Such stories captivate me. And I can’t torture myself through books. If I’m not, after 30 to 40 pages in the history of it, then I put it mostly to the side. My experience is that Happens after 10 to 15 pages of nothing, that makes me curious, for me it is not a good book.

FOCUS Online: How do you decide what the “Kindle Storyteller Award” wins?

Franziska van Almsick: of Course in cooperation with my colleagues on the Jury. I am really looking forward to the exchange and to get new angles on the respective books. Otherwise, I was surprised pleasantly that Amazon and Kindle have entrusted me with this jury position (laughs).

FOCUS Online: Why is that?

Franziska van Almsick: I don’t read necessarily what the mass loves to read. I always have to have just like the particular story. Biographers, the extraordinary stories that lie to me. But we are several of the jurors, since it will have each picked out his favorite book and is sure to defend. So there will be many discussions and debates, I look forward to. What fascinates me about the project: One can see the books the passion of the authors. They are fresh and very inspiring. I think it’s great that you try. I like that our books are from a Language so truly. Most are simply written as one thinks or speaks, this tells me a lot. Now I hope that my colleagues on the Jury and I agree on a winner, we all can be happy.

Greg Louganis' biography of van Almsick "inspired"

FOCUS Online: Can you remember the first book that was read to you?

Franziska van Almsick: my first book from the school actually not. But the first that touched me really and I have remained strong in your memory. This was the biography of Greg Louganis, the diver. It was 1984 and 1988, was a double winner at the Olympic Games. Because he had crashed out of the competition on the tower and heavily bleeding, he had to come out of the closet during the Olympic games before the world public as HIV-positive to an HIV Test by the doctor, who had treated him without gloves. Fortunately, this had not infected. He is a great athlete with such an interesting life story. His book has inspired me, I devoured it literally.

FOCUS Online: you yourself are a writer for children’s books. What inspired you?

Franziska van Almsick: I had finished my active career, and wanted to encourage children to learn to swim. In the context, I’ve noticed that there are very few books, the children of the water or a possible fear of it. I, myself, have founded a Foundation, the support for the children to learn better and safer to swim. fol, Franziska van Almsick, 2013, swimming training, the “Heidelberger Kids to Swimming lessons” Because it was obvious to write a book about it, which introduces children in a playful way to the water and the fear. It was also extremely important to do everything yourself. A Ghostwriter would not come into question for me. In everyday life I do a lot of writing, even letters. I’m probably one of the last people to do it … yet (laughs).

"Drowning in children remains the second most common cause of death"

FOCUS Online: you are today’s successful business woman. What projects are you going this year?

Franziska van Almsick: With my “Franziska van Almsick Foundation” I’m busy very much. And I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the last few years. Our goal is that every child mastered in Germany at least a Schwimmart safe when it leaves the elementary school. This is a goal I want to pursue in the future. Drowning in children is the second most common cause of death. I am of all my staff and supporters are so grateful that we’ve come so far. But our Mission is not over yet. Just this summer, which was exceptionally hot, again, are so many Badeunglücke happen. So we will do our utmost to ensure that children learn to swim safely.

Ella Zeiss wins "Kindle Storyteller Award of the 2018" at the Frankfurt book fair

On Thursday, the Award was named-winner at the Frankfurt book fair. Author Ella Zeiss impressed the Jury to Franziska van Almsick, the writing Duo B. C. Schiller, and the Award-Partner FOCUS with its historic Roman ", such As grasses in the Wind".

For the past four years, the award of German-language contributions of Independent authors who have published via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) as eBooks and paperbacks honors. Author Ella Zeiss received the main prize in total value of 30,000 Euro (money and an Amazon Marketing package for your book) price. The winner will also receive a publishing deal for Print publication in the German-speaking countries, as well as an English Translation for international distribution. In addition, Audible offers, the winning book as well as the other finalists ‘ books as audiobooks, read by well-known German voices to publish.

the Jury justified The decision for the winning book as follows: “The choice of the Jury this year fell on a book that has touched us all equally. In spite of a niche topic, the author was able to inspire with their sharply-drawn characters and unusual structure, a wide readership. The author manages the story with emotional images, and clear language to work on. The book takes a largely unknown Chapter of German history, which the author dares to take the first step in the historical Genre, the rises completely. The poignant family story ‘, such As grasses in the Wind’ with the characters, to empathize and easy not cold. Therefore, members determined in accordance with the read for the jury: We would really like to know how to do it with the family. And when the Hunger is on the sequel so big, is a worthy winner.“

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