Expert: Germany will stand only two months of quarantine

this was stated by the President of the Institute for economic research named after Leibniz, Halle Raynt of Gropp.

the Expert is sure that a more prolonged isolation can lead to “dramatic consequences.” According to forecasts, every month quarantine Germany’s GDP will fall by 3%. According to him, due to the cumulative effect of over two months, the decline was 10%, and three may increase even more.

Gropp believes that to fight the coronavirus must use “gentle measures”. Therefore, as he pointed out, everybody has to work those who are healthy.

“Sick to stay home. And for those who are at risk, i.e. anyone over 65 years of age and who have previously migrated diseases, it is necessary to provide the maximum insulation,” he told Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

however, Grep did not refute the medical opinion. However, the expert is confident that the measures against coronavirus should be point to the economic damage was not so strong that it will affect the health of citizens, and for economic recovery will require significant resources.