Experts evaluated the impact of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the main assets

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Coronavirus can lead to a drop in world demand for oil to 260 thousand barrels per day in 2023, reports

According to leading analyst Forex Optimum Ivan Kapustyasky, such an outcome, oil prices may lose three dollars per barrel. He added that since the outbreak of the new virus in China, the price of oil fell to 60.7 per dollar.

“However, this movement largely acts while overly emotional, more dominant. Using the experience of dealing with previous outbreaks, China and other countries to take urgent measures to contain the disease,” – said the expert.

Director of the Academy of management Finance and investment Arseniy Dadashov said that the investors are more concerned about the reduction of demand for fuel due to the cancellation of flights. According to him, it can all affect which oil has fallen in price almost on 7% since the beginning of the year.

Experts note that to mitigate the effects of the fall in oil prices helps the active conversion of foreign exchange earnings of domestic exporters in the framework of the tax period. According to Dadashov, the current panic in the markets should cease in the foreseeable future.

an Outbreak of coronavirus began in Wuhan at the end of 2019. To date, cases of infection were identified in South Korea, USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, France, Australia, Canada and Nepal. In China at the moment, a new type of pneumonia infected more than 2.7 thousand people. 81 people were killed.

According to the who, experts do not exclude the possibility of transmission of coronavirus during the incubation period.

currently, Russia is the testing of new test systems for the detection of coronavirus. In addition, the CPS agreed to prepare physicians in Russia to the treatment of coronavirus and translate hospital antiepidemic mode.

At the railway stations of the capital check tourists from China because of the coronavirus

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