The number of victims of coronavirus in Hubei province has reached a hundred

Photo credit: TASS/EPA

the Number who died of a new type of coronavirus in China’s Hubei province, where there is the epicentre of the outbreak has reached one hundred people infected – 2714.

As the findings of the Committee on health of the province, which leads RIA Novosti, the death toll has reached 106 people. According to statistics from the authorities of Hubei, in the provincial capital of Wuhan city, who started the spread of the virus, died, 85 people.

For 27 January in 1291 the province confirmed a new case of infection, 24 people were killed. Since the beginning of the outbreak was discharged from hospital 47 recovered. At present in hospitals of different cities of the province remain 2567 infected patients, 563 of them are in serious condition, 127 – critical.

the world health organization (who) previously included the State scientific center of Virology and biotechnology “vector” in the register of European laboratories, assisting in the diagnosis of the novel coronavirus.

who Experts do not exclude the possibility of transmission of coronavirus during the incubation period. Scientists from China found that the disease outbreak may be linked to wildlife trade at the local seafood market in Wuhan.

Head of Academy of Sciences warned about the risk of a global epidemic of coronavirus by March

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