Experts explain why it is necessary to contract marriage

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the marriage contract is the indicator of personal maturity, said family psychologist Yulia Makarova in an interview with the Moscow 24. So the expert commented on the news that the Russians were more likely to enter into similar agreements.

“the Agreement is a way to build boundaries with each other without ambiguity. It is the responsibility of two people, an indication that they are not in the euphoria of some kind, love hysteria, and come in adult and honest relationship. Says that people see things more realistically,” – said Makarov.

In the modern world, when we understand that people meet and diverge, and we have the ability from a legal point of view to protect its interests and the interests of another partner with whom we enter into a relationship, I think it is fair and safe for everyone. This needs to be done.
Julia Macaronically psychologist

With the opinion of the psychologist agreed and attorney in family law, Jan Gonchikov. The expert stressed that a properly drafted prenuptial agreement will help to minimize the risks in case of divorce.

“of Course, in court you can challenge everything. A court may declare invalid all or any part of any agreement of any legal entities and individuals, including the marriage contract”, – he explained.

in Order to minimize its positive appeal in court, the contract should not contradict the current legislation, confirming the need of different help. Otherwise, one party could challenge it in their favor.
Ian Guncavdi family law

the Lawyer added that the marriage contract is valid and after the death of a spouse. But, according to Honcikova, already regulated by the Civil code. “This is the inheritance. Determined by usually the hereditary mass, which is the number of turns subject to the provisions of the marriage contract. And then everything depends on the nuances of how marriage contract drawn up that it specifically spelled out”, – concluded the interlocutor of Moscow 24.

Earlier it was reported that in 2015 the Russians were twice as likely to enter into marriage contracts. Every year citizens of the Russian Federation signed by about 100 thousand of such agreements, reports the Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Federal notary chamber.

“Our fellow citizens who marry or are already married, began to pay more attention to the subject of legal rights and responsibilities of spouses. Today, more families choose a marriage contract as a tool for effective solving property issues in the family”, – stated in the message.

it is Noted that people make this step more often in order to prevent disputes in the future and to protect each other from possible problems.

to date, Single information system of notaries provides information about thousands of prisoners 488 423 marriage contracts. Only for 2019 Muscovites signed by 14 thousand such agreements.

it is Noted that most often, a prenuptial agreement are solved by the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Moscow region.

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