Unknown thrown into the street pillowcases with dozens of snakes in Britain

Photos: RSPCA

In the UK on the street find pillowcases with dozens of snakes. Reptiles found in the same place in trash container, reports “World 24”.

a Few days ago near the station Farringdon in Central London was found 13 Royal pythons who were in a closed pillow case.

after a couple of days from the same container were left new pillow case. This time there were 16 corn snakes.

it is Noted that all snakes are not poisonous, but who throws in such a strange form, remains a mystery.

“someone’s had about 30 snakes, and they decided to get rid of them in such a cruel way. Snakes need heat and light, and left them outside in the cold in a pillow case”, commented the rescuer.

currently, all reptiles found placed in spetstsentr for wildlife.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow can appear tarantulas. Experts attribute the possible “transmigration” of spiders with global warming. Also, experts noted that the capital region will spread poisonous snakes.

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