Experts have found out what holiday do Russians prefer in 2023

Photo: depositphotos/slava296

Experts portal conducted a survey and found out what a vacation choose Russian tourists this year.

According to the survey, most Russians prefer beach holiday. To spend your holidays on the beach wanted 64% of respondents. About 45% of Russians are not against to rest in the country.

Slightly more than 40% of Russians chose active holidays. About 39% voted for a city tour and 35% for travel around the country. Relaxation, Spa and yoga was preferred by 19% of respondents, 15% – cruises and skiing.

Earlier, experts in the field of tourism has formulated a list of unusual places that deserve the attention of travelers. Experts advise to go to Morocco, namely in the local town of Dakhla. There you can see the famous dunes, eat seafood and visit the wide beaches. For holiday at the sea also suitable for the Gambia and the Sudan.

excessive heat If travelers do not like, experts recommend to pay attention to Greenland with its unique Northern beauty. Feel the atmosphere of cold on the canadian Islands Houda the Guayas.

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