The idea that some people are predisposed to committing crime and felonies cannot correct, from a biological point of view, because it still doesn’t explain why there is an increase in crime rate in metropolitan cities. In other words, some crimes and the kind of perpetrators leave you clueless about what actually led to them happening. For instance, what do you think can account for the memphis crime rate? Well, as you see, it can be difficult to tell what exactly causes such crimes because the patterns keep on changing now and then.

However, there are factors that we can, for sure, say fuel crimes. For example, these factors contribute to the high crime rate in one way or another. Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

  • Population age

If you take a keen look into areas where the population is transient, you’ll realize that there is a strong correlation between teens ad crimes. Another age group that is likely to engage in criminal activities include people in their twenties and early thirties.

  • Police policy

If the police jobs don’t include stringent on-crime policies, then the rate of crime still remains high in that area. The defiant gangs that have refused to reform will be roaming the streets instead of rehabilitating in correctional centers. Also, when executing their policies, the police shouldn’t do it partially with a condescending approach because that will likely build resent and animosity amongst the population, which believes they can punish the police by committing more crime.

  • Choice

Well, it may look absurd, but the truth is some crimes are committed because someone made a choice. It isn’t out of the ordinary to find someone from a leafy neighborhood engaging in crime with his groupies just for fun. While others are pushed by peer pressure, some do it to look cool and establish a gangster signature.

  • Poverty level/Job availability

Poverty doesn’t lead to an increase in the crime rate, but the factors associated with it do. For instance, unemployment and lack of proper education lead to idleness, and their crime plans are hutched. Others also engage in crime so that they can put food on the table. Moreover, this is the only perfect way that they can access good phones and tablets that they can’t afford. When a poor person is caught stealing, he doesn’t care because he believes he has less or nothing at all to lose!

  • The social level of morality

Every adult that walks around is a clear depiction of how they were brought up. Today, if you bring a child in a morally bent society, he will grow up exhibiting some social vices or even tolerate them. There are societies amongst us that will never tolerate any deviant behavior, and the perpetrators are met with heavy punishment to discourage anyone with similar intentions. However, in some societies, social transgressions aren’t reported or are seen as usual. For instance, a society that allows its population to smoke weed freely on the streets is likely brooding a deviant group of youth. Remember, some people who come from such communities will even commit a crime just to fit amongst their peers. In other words, peer pressure here is real and destructive. Crime is something that will unlikely end anytime soon because we don’t have the control of other factors like a person’s choice to commit a crime. Well, in that case, only the perpetrators can choose and decide to reform.