The election result is not a defeat, it is a disaster and crashes the CSU is in a deep crisis. Because almost half of the vote share of the proud regional party has decreased: Instead of 52.3% of the election participants on 1. In December of 1946, at 26. In November 1950, only 27.4 percent for the Christian Democrats voted.

election observers are unanimous: The crash, there should be comparable in the history of the Federal Republic of never again, has two causes: dissatisfaction of the Bavarian voters with the Federal government, and Anger at the CSU internal scuffles.

Both of the reasons for the heavy defeat have been long before the election day in sight – but the CSU wants to and can’t do anything about it. You don’t want to do against the dissatisfaction with the first Cabinet of Konrad Adenauer (CDU) in Bonn, the you supports much. And you can do nothing against the devastating image that she herself offers to the voters.

miss fall with the little conservative orientation of the basic law document, the Bavarian state Parliament on February 19. and 20. May 1949, rejected as a single Parliament of a Federal state, the ratification of the basic law with 101 votes to 63. But at the same time, the CSU had set by that of Bavaria accepted the legal force of the new Constitution, with 97 votes, with 70 abstentions. This maneuver, not fish and not meat, have taken many of the voters of the CSU bad.

to Completely house the internal dispute of the CSU is made. Because it is all about the oversized ego of the various leaders. Party founder Josef Müller wanted to, although himself a Catholic, a non-denominational party. Joseph Baumgartner, however, until 1933, the Catholic Bavarian people’s party, sought after a mainly Bavarian, religious, single party. The third actor in the ultraconservative Alois hundhammer, had 1946, the choice of Miller to the Prime Minister was, and the compromise candidate Hans Erhard came into the office.

The first term of the Bavarian country day has proven to be schemers stadl: The leading politicians, it is too little to solutions for citizens and their power Handel. Party friends are downright corrupt lust, even if the entering anyone a profit.

Baumgartner made back in 1947, as Minister of agriculture and from the CSU to the old join-Catholic Bavaria party, to ascend the figurehead, he soon. She reached in the election of 1950, from the state at 17.9 percent of the votes, almost exclusively from previous CSU-voters. The formation of the government, which has to be made according to the Bavarian Constitution in the then valid Form within 22 days after the election (they are now 29 days), Hans Erhard only after 17 days: Together with the SPD and the Block of expellees (BHE) will form a Grand coalition.

However, the new Cabinet can’t make up for his rocky Start betting. Dog hammer, under pressure from the SPD in 1950 as the Minister of education is not re-nominated, in 1951, to the Landtag President. This reduced the tensions within the CSU, weakens but the ability to cooperate with the coalition partner SPD. Tedious the CSU rescues in the state election in 1954.

The result is at first glance: The CSU has increased significantly, from 27.4 to 38 percent, the Bavaria party loses. However, while in the politically interested members of the Public as identified, the CSU will again ask the Prime Minister, is on the horizon and behind the closed doors of the Munich Maximilianeum, the seat of the Bavarian Landtag on the Isar, a Sensation: the SPD and the Bavaria party, together with the FDP and the BHE a four-coalition, the CSU, hold the Power.

However, the four partners only this unites a target; for the Rest, there is hardly Unifying. Thus, the first and only CSU-free government is sinking in Bavaria quickly in the Chaos. Even the politically experienced Prime Minister, Wilhelm Hoegner of the SPD, can’t do anything.

Significant contribution to the game Bank affair. The BP by 1955, that private people should get the government concessions for the operation of Casinos. This bribe should be paid for it money.

The CSU brings up a Committee of inquiry into the position, which can be set up according to the Bavarian Constitution, by one-fifth of the members of – the Christian social have exactly two-fifths of the mandates. Chairman Alois hundhammer, especially the Bavaria party, which he viewed as infidelity cleavage of the CSU.

Although the Committee of inquiry may not investigate the allegations, but Baumgartner and several other BP-politicians must swear to their statements. In addition, the suspicion of corruption shattered the Anti-CSU coalition in the Maximilianeum, the after the triumphant election victory of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag elections of 1957, breaks, and gives the Union the absolute majority. The President of the CSU, the Chairman of Hanns Seidel forming a new coalition of his party and the BHE.

But the scandal continued to have an effect. Due to a minor, but incorrect sworn statements, the regional court of Munich in 1959, convicted of several BP-politicians to the tough prison – and jail sentences. The judgments have no stock, because of the Federal court of justice alleges, later the Chairman of the Committee dog hammer. He had at least a witness to the knife of perjury, “in order to gain a handle to the elimination of a political opponent”.

in addition, the CSU is in the Person of its Secretary-General, Friedrich Zimmermann and co-founder Josef Müller is involved in the affair. Be resolved to the mutual accusations, the private game banks in Bavaria, takes over after the expiration of the concessions granted by the state lottery administration, which operates them today.

In the following state elections, the proportion of CSU rises to a sensational 62.1 per cent in 1974, and melts then, with one exception in 2003, with equally enormous 60.1%, up to values of more or less nearly to the absolute majority. 2008, after the agonizingly long departure of Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber, and because of the affair of the Landesbank Bayern LB, a crash in the polls by 17 percentage points, at the next election, however, a recovery to an absolute majority.

The result of 2018 but falls in a different category, even if “only” ten percent loss of points. Because, as of 1950, the voters have punished, obviously, on the one hand, the internal wrangling of the CSU, on the other hand, a sign against the Federal government. In addition, the CSU is so weak as since 1950, not more. Therefore, the crucial question is now: Is more of the scheming stadl how 68 years ago? Or what do you mean the CSU and creates a new beginning?

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