Young people want a house of their own. A survey by Infratest dimap shows. Especially as a retirement property, is Millennials important – you can expect only with a small pension.

the importance Of the own four walls in age, consider that there are seniors who rely on state basic security in old age, hardly any home owners.

Young people are the losers of the real estate market

However, it is less and less young people to afford a house of their own. In the 25 – to 40-Year-olds, the ownership rate has decreased within the last twelve years by almost ten percent.

Millennials are the new loser generation have on the real estate market. This view Matthias Günther, Manager and real estate expert of the Pestel-Institute. The current Situation does not have only one cause, but was rather a combination of different reasons. Commerzbank is looking for the best Trader of the year 2018! Win you sign up to a Jaguar F-TYPE and other great prizes Now and a Jaguar F-TYPE win!

1. Lower salaries, in spite of studying

“There is an Academisation of the training,” explains Günther. In contrast to the past, a University degree, however, is already long no more free ride for a good income.

2. Country escape

Many of the young people then stayed on after studying in the city – the so-called “adhesive effect”.

This has three disadvantages: first, you can build in the fewest cities in a house. Secondly, the prices for housing to rise due to the increased demand. Thirdly, the window is shifted by the longer period of training to the rear, where you could pay off a house.

3. Time contracts

Since the beginning of the 2000s can employment contracts be for a limited period is also unfounded. Of young people are affected most. According to the Institute for labour market and occupational research, Millennials are working, almost three times as often with fixed-term contracts, such as 45 – to 54-Year-old, towards the Generation 55+ and even four times.

“To safety, occupational and spatial planning, is often over 30”, says Günther. You had to build up to then, moreover, only little time, equity. If the decision for a home, lacking the money to pay the high land transfer tax, says Günther. PDF Of Focus-real estate, Atlas 2018

Our PDF guide contains everything Important to the topics of rent, the purchase price for condos and houses in 100 cities.

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4. Hard loan guidelines

“The access to foreign capital is also as difficult as ever,” explains the real estate expert. The current residential real estate line of credit ensure that a lot of young people get no more loans. “Although nowadays, most women work also with a child, you must expect the Bank employee without the salary of the woman”, says Günther.   display  

reduce “The policy needs to facilitate people in low-and middle-income transition into home ownership,” calls, therefore, for Matthias Günther. This would be best with a lower purchase tax. He gives an example: “Every tenant of a non-subsidized apartment pays Yes actually, his apartment or his house. The landlord give me it cheaper than you bought it.“

Each of the could afford the rent could afford to do so, the apartment in which he lives. Many people would shy away from cost because of the high initial. “After five years, for example, due to a Jobwechsels to have to take off again. So fast you can’t write off the purchase tax at all.“

2. State loan guarantees

Günther also advocates government-supported, long-term loans with a fixed Interest rate over the entire term. This would require a high repayment rate, however, this may set the capital requirement is significantly reduced.

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