Munich – Nuremberg broke out on Saturday near to the motorway A73 in the jaw, a fire from the forest. Here, Bavaria’s forests are already due to the heat of summer 2018, the mild winter and dry spring damaged as never. The bark beetles provide an unprecedented disaster in Bavaria’s forests.

In the Morning outbreak of forest fire in Nuremberg nine fire-fighting vehicles and a 40-forces of up to 15 needed to extinguish the fire, which had spread to three acres. Reason: The fire extinguishing water had to be brought in the Shuttle with Tanks at the fire scene. How dicey the situation is, showed up on Sunday afternoon, a non-completely deleted the bonfire when the Böbinger slapping caves (in the district of Weilheim-Schongau), that caused a forest fire, like* reported. Against 18 at 1000 to 2000 square meters were engulfed in flames. With two helicopters has been deleted, even the mountain woke up were used to support the fire Department in rough terrain.

the weather service called the highest forest fire warning level from

Yesterday, the German weather service called the highest forest fire warning for Northern Bavaria, the Allgäu region, to the East of lower Bavaria and the circle of Altötting.

the location in Bavaria’s forests, already dramatically: The record summer of 2018, has caused a bark beetle disaster. The national Institute for forest and forestry accounted for 2018, so a lot of bark infested wood beetles as never before since the Second world war. “We have seen since 2015, a continuous rise, the worsened 2018 once again,” says the head of the Department of forest protection, Ralf Peter cord. 2018 was the with an average temperature of 10.5 degrees-warmest year since weather records began in 1881. Already in 2014 there had been at 10.3 degrees above average temperature for the bark beetle ideal conditions.

In Bavaria, the forest farmers are fighting the company leased logging machine to get dead trees out of the forest. Because of these, the beetles spread to even unbefallene trees.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

heat record in the free state: In this place Bayern was far the hottest

A tram driver and several fellow sufferers have had to recently due to the heat of hell. The track apologizes.

Pets and children should not be left in the heat in the car – this is widely known. However, in the case of plastic bottles, you need to be careful.

again and again there are reports that animals and children are forgotten in overheated cars. Why is it so dramatic for the Smallest, you can find here.


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