Munich – On Friday, the 28.06.2019, 4:00, and noticed a police patrol, two young men who were together on an E-Scooter on the Miller road.

men in Munich on E-Scooter on the way – police do alcohol test

When braking at a traffic light, they rushed almost, and they were controlled by the police officials. In the case of the two young Munich (20,23) has detected a strong odor of alcohol. A breath alcohol test when the Younger of the two gave a value more than 1.1 per Mille. The 23-Year-old did not want to perform the alcohol test.

As both interventions actively in the steering and handling and thus the driver of a vehicle was carried out for both blood collection. They were due to drunk driving and a traffic offense as they drove to second on an E-Scooter.

E-Scooter in Munich: a stark warning of the police

In this context the police notes of Munich, to the fact that E-scooters may only be used by one Person. For Driving under the influence of alcohol, the same limits apply as for motor vehicles. Who carries a E-Scooter with more than 0.5 parts per thousand commits an offence.

Who is a more than 1.1 per Mille on the road, a criminal Offence. You should not be in consequence of the alcohol roadworthy, it is even possible that one gets from 0.3 ppm to a display.

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