Mr. Reisinger, the size of your relief is on the successful re-election?

if You know beforehand how it ends, so I already feel relief. I think that the election result confirmed our path – it allows you to build up.

How looks your way?

We want to improve the spiral of debt and the equity Situation of the KGaA. I hope, the election result shows our co-shareholder Hasan Ismaik, what is going on in Munich and Bavaria.

What can you offer Ismaik specifically?

I hold out my Hand and hope that he accepts you. The door for dialogue is open.

In the case of Facebook has spoken out Ismaik clearly against the planned capital increase.

Yes, he has. But the internal mail traffic speaks a different language. I’m waiting currently to answer and would, if necessary, try to make contact.

you spoke of “Fake News and Propaganda” in connection with the up to you criticism. What did you mean by this?

I want to personally have something against Hasan Ismaik and not talk to him. I’m not interested in sporting success. I am looking for Pyros. And a few things more.

And you think that the discussions will calm down after this election?

If there is at a Sixty no more discussions, then there is no longer the club. I hope we can now return to a more objective level.

How loaded is your relationship to coach Daniel Bierofka?

We have a proper, normal handling. He doesn’t have to be my best friend, because he is the coach of 1860. I’m not the man that falls in each of the Half and it abbusselt. In my opinion, we have with Bierofka the right coach, in order to tackle the sporting challenges of the future.

Interview: Ludwig Krammer


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