A plumbing leak can become expensive if you do not take care of it on time. So even if the leak seems insignificant, you should still not ignore it. This is a problem that requires immediate attention and you should repair them right away. Otherwise, you will end up spending a much higher price.

For example, there was a little bit of water around your sink and you ignored it because it was not bothering you. Later on, the water discharge increased and you tried to repair the leakage. However, you end up with a pipe burst. What will you do now? You have to call the plumbers.

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Here is what might happen if you do not take such leaks seriously.

1. Pipe discoloration


One of the things that will surely happen because of leakage is discoloration. In addition to this, discoloration is also the very first sign that you will see if there is a leakage in your pipes. Therefore, even if you do not see any water on the floor, you should still check for any color change.

So the next time you are cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, you should check for any color change. This is especially common around joints and unions. So if you observe it, make sure to pay close attention to it. If the color of the joint or union is changing, it clearly means that the water concentration is high. Thus, it will eventually result in a slight dripping and then a serious problem.

However, if you detect it on time and deal with it from the beginning, you can prevent a major mishap.

2. Sewer Odor

This is something serious because it will make it difficult for you to stay at home. You do not need any building science to know about it.

All you need to know is why our sewer pipes are so tough and sturdy. The reason is that their job is to prevent any waste liquid or material and even an odor to leak. There are several traps in the sewer pipelines. All of these are designed and set to keep the foul smell out of your home.

So if you are smelling something bad around the pipes, there must be a leakage. Gas discharge is happening because of the occurrence of leaks. Such leaks will ultimately result in a bigger problem and might even burst the pipe.

If you are smelling any such odor, pay close attention to it. If the situation worsens, you need to call a plumber. Otherwise, you will have sewer water in your home and it will become inhabitable.

3. Weak water flow


Weak water pressure is one of the early signs of leaks. Furthermore, it is also one of the problems that you will face later on.

In addition to this, you should also know that if the water pressure is affected only in one tap, the problem is not much serious. However, if several taps of your house are having a drop in pressure, it might be a serious problem.

If the pressure drops, you will notice it immediately. Therefore, at first, you do not have to call the plumber. But make sure to keep a close eye on it so that you can know if the problem is getting severe. A continuous pressure drop requires an immediate checkup.

4. Slow drainage

If you do not fix your plumbing leaks and clogs on time, the drainage from your pipes will slow down. As a result of this, your toilet bowl and wash basins will always remain dirty. If you wash your hands, the soap bubbles will be left on the basin surface. Likewise, the toilet bowl will smell very bad. It will be difficult for you to have a good time at home especially if you are living in an apartment.

You can get rid of a clog. But what if there is a serious problem? So if there is not a clog but a slow drainage problem, you will need to call your plumber. Because you would never like to have toilet water on your floor.

5. Water problem during the winters


One of the problems with leaks is water will freeze in your pipes. If you are living in a hot climatic region, you won’t face this problem. However, this will be a serious issue for those who live in freezing cold climates.

The water will not only freeze but the thawing will pose an even more serious threat. It might burst your pipes and you won’t have water during the winters. As a result of this, you will need to change the complete pipelines. This will not only be a serious problem but will also cost you a heavy sum.

Therefore, if you are living in such climatic regions, you need to be very careful with leaks and clogs.

6. Your water bills will spike

Another problem that you will face is a spike in water bills. Leaks clearly mean that water will always be dripping from your pipes. Thus, you will have a high water consumption which will result in higher water bills. If the leak is in such a place where you cannot find it easily, you will get higher bills. Moreover, you won’t be able to find the problem and thus, won’t be able to justify it.