Are you afraid of bugs and insects, and are you doing everything that is within your power to keep them out? Did you know that many walls actually have a lot of little bug passageways?!

You might not be able to totally secure your property against invasion because insects can access even the smallest gaps. However, you can inspect and try to protect your home or flat on your own.

Dress appropriately since you will need to get down on the ground, hide behind some shrubs, and potentially even crawl under the deck to properly investigate the exterior of your property. Key tip? You should go room by room to cover it all! Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it.

Top 7 reasons why doing pest control is crucial

1. Clean it often

It goes without saying that keeping your home clean will make it less appealing to insects.

Remove any leftover food from the sink and wash the dishes every day.

Don’t forget to wipe off the counters and surfaces in the kitchen on a daily basis.

Keep food and drinks fresh by storing them in airtight glass or plastic containers as soon as you’re done consuming them.

Also, trees and shrubs should be trimmed on a regular basis to keep them from growing too close to the house. Doing small moves and clean-ups little by little will give great results in the long run.


2. Evaluate it

Anywhere where pests can smell or eat the food is a zone that you should watch out for. Pests of all kinds, including rats, birds, insects, and more, may be a huge irritation and a ‘bug’ at your home.

The first step in lowering the risk of a pest infestation is a comprehensive check of your home’s exterior.

Because they offer the ideal nesting environment, moist locations are attractive to insects and other pests.

You should remove any outside piles of leaves or logs, keep your gutters clean, and level the ground as much as you can to stop rainfall from seeping into your home’s foundation. Make careful to check the window seals for air leaks, the siding for holes, and the roof for leaks. If you can’t really crawl or if you want help check out Rodent Control Inc and let them clean out your home at an affordable price, along with the $200 special price code.

3. No more cockroaches or roaches

Paper bags under the sink create a cockroach condo, which is a big no-no. To make things even worse, cockroaches release pheromone-laced feces, which can be tricky to deal with. You should know that high-quality bait is pricey and only works if placed correctly.

If 5% of the roaches survive, they’ll repopulate in a few months, leaving you with the exact same issue all over again.

A pro who knows cockroach behaviors can place bait in hard-to-reach nooks for a little more, which is why and how reputable exterminators guarantee their work. You can always ask for help and come in contact with experts, just make sure that you prepare yourself & the house/surfaces the best you can.


4. Clean your bathroom

Most sources on pest management for apartments don’t offer tips on how to eliminate pests in the bathroom.

On the other hand, this rule also applies to restrooms.

Do your best to maintain a dry and clean washroom.

Use a toilet bowl cleaning every other day.

At least once per week, scrub the sink with a powerful bathroom cleaner.

The shower curtain should be kept dry, moist-free, and clean.

Be sure to keep the drain covered and free of soap scum and hair at all times.

Following these easy procedures, you can keep the bathroom neat and pest-free for much longer.

5. Fix the nets on your windows

If you want to keep pests like mosquitoes, house flies, spiders, and large cockroaches out of your house, you should cover your windows with nets (this especially applies for the summertime period & during high heat).

Insects won’t be able to enter the structure thanks to these nets, which will also aid in air circulation.

This is quite effective in controlling insects.

Get any damaged windows or glass panes fixed as soon as possible to keep bugs out.

To ensure the greatest effectiveness of your precautions, you should also inspect all the doors in the house and make any necessary repairs.


6. Throw some old things away

Eliminating pests from your house can be as simple as getting organized.

Don’t let old toys and packing materials take up space in your home any longer (this does apply to your basement and attic).

Bacteria and insects can easily multiply in these materials.

Baby strollers, shoes, boxes, plastic bags, old suitcases, etc. that are no longer needed can be sold or discarded.

What are the chances that you’ll be needing any of this during the next three months?

if you can’t decide if something should be discarded or kept, one thing is for certain –  the object should be thrown away if the answer is negative.

7. You can use plants

It’s common knowledge that certain plants can effectively ward off pests. It just comes down to knowing which plants to use, or which plants you love. Some of your options are:

  • Spearmint (for ants, beetles, fleas, moths, and rodents)
  • Rosemary (for beetles, roaches, flies, slugs, snails, and mosquitoes)
  • Basil (for flies, beetles, and mosquitoes)
  • Lavender (for fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and moths)
  • Chrysanthemum (for ants, bed bugs, beetles, roaches, ticks, and fleas)
  • Catnip (for roaches, ants, and weevils)
  • Lemongrass (for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice)

Or you can go for a common & universal solution with most insects – a Venus trap!

In the end, are you ready to keep your home clean, as well as bug and pest-free? If so, apply these tips and tricks and book a professional if and where needed. You’re going to love the long-term results.