Properly installed and used properly, natural gas is a great thing. The problem arises if something goes wrong and it leaks. Then you should worry, because the leak is accompanied by severe physical symptoms such as poisoning. It is also highly flammable, so there is a high chance of a fire or explosion. Although these are extreme cases, be careful and notice the gas leak in time.

If you find that this has happened, you need to leave the room immediately or go to an open window. After that, it is necessary to call an ambulance and others. However, you cannot see the gas. He is transparent and sometimes difficult to recognize. That is why we have explained common signs of leaking gas in more detail below.

The smell of sulfur


This smell is very reminiscent of the smell of rotten eggs, and if you feel it, it’s time to worry. You need to check carefully before removing the gas leak from the list. Know that gas suppliers use a chemical that gives a certain smell to the gas. It is this chemical that makes it easier for people to recognize its presence in the air. So, if you smell rotten eggs, leave the house immediately and call experts to provide you with adequate help.

Problem with plants

Almost every home has at least one plant. If you also have herbs in your home, take proper care of them, but you start to notice something strange, suspect gas. Since the gas leak leads to a lack of oxygen in the room, the plants begin to show the usual symptoms.

In that case, you may find dead houseplants in your room. Keep in mind that the presence of gas in the air affects not only plants but also animals and humans. Because first determine that unhealthy or dead houseplants are the result of a gas leak or something else.

Feeling tired


Fatigue is a common phenomenon that occurs as a result of excessive work, physical activity, insomnia and similar conditions. However, it can also indicate something much more dangerous. If the gas has been leaking for a long time in your home, the percentage of oxygen must have dropped significantly. This means that you do not have enough oxygen to breathe. This automatically leads to weakness, nausea, suffocation or headache.

If you have the slightest suspicion of a gas leak and feel these symptoms, call an ambulance immediately to make sure you are exposed to the gas.

Unhealthy grass and bushes

There are many gas pipes under your house. They provide your hardware and appliances with gas. Should they shoot, all the plants in their vicinity would wither after a while.

However, before natural gas reaches the plants in the house, it will destroy the plants around the house. This applies to grass and bushes. So, if you notice yellow grass and dead leaves, consider whether everything is OK with the pipes under your home.

Skin reactions


This is another common symptom that can occur in a short period of time in which you are exposed to a gas leak. So, some people will be more prone to skin irritations due to gas leaks behind the wall or ceiling. The situation can soon get worse and cause blisters or numbness. If you are exposed to gas for a long time, you may also experience symptoms such as skin discoloration or something similar.

Strange sound

It happens that people hear a hissing sound as a result of a gas leak. The problem is that this sound implies a very serious leak, but it does not always indicate this situation. For example, if you hear something like this near the air conditioner, it may be a source of problems. In that case, there may be a problem with the compressor, valves, etc. Then you need to turn off the system and call an expert to make sure it is the climate, and not something else.



This is one of the most obvious symptoms of a gas leak. So, if you notice a white fog or fog in your environment, call experts immediately.


There is one test you can perform to eliminate the suspicion of a gas leak. All you need to do is make sure the gas is on, take a large bowl, pour water and a small amount of soap into it. Also use a cloth that you will previously dip into the bowl. Then, run a cloth over the area that looks suspicious to you and observe the reaction. If you notice bubbles, chances are high that you are exposed to an underground gas leak.

Huge bills


If you’ve noticed that your bill has skyrocketed compared to your usual expenses, and you haven’t used gas as much, research it. Do whatever it takes to make sure the bill is equal to the amount of gas you use. Otherwise, this information may indicate a potential hazard.

Physical symptoms

In addition to fatigue, you and your family may experience other physical symptoms that are similar to the flu. You can also go through major mood swings as well as depression.

Some have symptoms such as nosebleeds, chest pain and decreased appetite. If you have pets, observe their behavior as well. They can be quite disoriented or lethargic. Red, watery eyes are some of the other symptoms your pet may show.

What should I do if I detect gas leaks?


This situation requires quick and serious action. To protect yourself and other people in your home, you need to take some basic steps. Evacuation is in the first place. All members must leave the house immediately and leave the door open. Then call an ambulance, fire service, etc.

Do not call from your house, as there is a risk of fire. Wait for authorized experts to come to you, locate the source of the leak and repair it. Only when they tell you it is safe can you return to everyday life. That is why it is very important that you have appropriate monitoring systems and that you perform regular gas control. Only in this way will you always be safe. Read more about what to do if you suspect a gas leak to be well prepared if that moment comes.


Symptoms of gas leaks are sometimes difficult to recognize and very easily confused with other causes. That is why the best solution is a system for monitoring and annual control of gas pipes. You will be much safer if you take these steps.