Traveling with the bus – like to be so practical that, there is unfortunately a significant Problem: it is Not unusual bags and suitcases from the Luggage to be stolen spaces. But this risk you can minimize by a couple of Tricks.

Luggage thefts to avoid

passengers often fail to notice the Lack of baggage only when you arrive at your destination. Then it is too late, because most of the long-distance bus companies exclude liability for any damage in their terms and conditions, such as the NDR reported already a long time ago. Nevertheless, it is important for anyone who is often with the affordable prices on-the-go. Only damage caused by the gross negligence, wilful misconduct or accidents are covered by the terms and conditions.

nevertheless should long-distance bus passengers in the event of theft, report the loss of the suitcase, the bus company or the bus driver or the local police. Also, the conciliation body for public transport could mediate in case of dispute.

came To an accident with a Bus on the other hand, as a Flixbus, on the A1 motorway between Bremen and Hamburg suddenly caught fire. The* reported.

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Luggage straps on cases to attach

the chief of The long-distance bus company Flixbus, André Schwämmlein, stressed in an Interview with the Portal Focus on what was in front of the trip with the bus is particularly important: Luggage straps namely. “Currently there is a pilot project, in which we load the Luggage rooms with cameras and monitor. We also test what happens when the bus driver, baggage belts will be issued.”

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so Far, could print Flixbus customers to the baggage claim and your Luggage, so that provided. “But that’s the least benefit. That’s why we try the way over to the bus driver”, so Schämmlein. “In fact, the most lost pieces of Luggage are confused or have been forgotten. Because it would help to draw his baggage identification.”

the return of lost baggage will be delivered to the Fund office, will simplified.

travelling with hand baggage Only

if that is too uncertain, you can still draw it down to traveling only with hand Luggage. Flixbus also suggests to take the value of things in any case with in the interior of the bus. Furthermore, it should be open according to the guidelines of the company only, a baggage door at once. The bus driver is not allowed to turn away also from the Bus, as long as the door is open.

These tips apply of course also in the other remote buses. A lot of the competition had not Flixbus to date, but. The company now holds a market share of more than 95 percent. That could change but, for now, want to know Blablacar brand Blablabus, advertises trips starting at 99 cents and that each passenger can carry two pieces of hand Luggage and a suitcase.

came To the dramatic scenes with injured in an accident with a Flixbus, on the A1 motorway near Bramsche near Osnabrück in the direction of travel in Bremen, as reported.

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