Flower meat smell blossomed in the

Photos: hortus.ru

In the Botanical garden of MSU “Aptekarsky ogorod” the blossomed flower smelling of rotten meat. He got the name “devil’s Tongue”, reported the press service of the garden.

“This is a perennial herb of Eastern Asia. The annual blooming of corpse flower in the “Aptekarsky ogorod” jokingly called the “Festival of meat”, – stated in the message.

it is Noted that the flowering of this plant will last about a week depending on the weather.

the Peculiar smell of rot attracts flies, which pollinate the flower Burgundy brown. We know that its petals have a greasy luster and is covered with drops of yellowish oily liquid.

Earlier in the “Aptekarsky ogorod” blossomed more attractive the flower is the American agave. It was reported that its flowering occurs once in a lifetime.

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