In the state Duma did not rule out additional subsidies for housing and communal services due to coronavirus

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Alexander Avilov

a Member of the state Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services Ilya Osipov in an interview with Moscow 24 did not rule out the possibility of additional subsidies for utilities. According to him, the Committee is closely monitoring the situation in the regions.

Osipov said that at the moment, for people with affordable subsidies, provided payment services ZHKU exceeds 22% of the family income. Discounts available preferential categories of citizens. He stressed that while the first measure taken against the background of the exclusion of citizens – is the abolition of fines and penalties for non-payment of utilities.

“Now the first is people for late payments no one will be fined. The control of the company, the supplier and the company shall not have the right to charge you a penalty,” – said Osipov.

the Deputy did not rule out the possibility of introducing new discounts for the citizens, but so far no reason for this in the state Duma do not see. “We now have regional week, if we see that the situation is critical, we will raise the issue of revision of subsidies in favor of citizens. Until we see risk areas,” – said Osipov.

He noted that full cancellation fees for utility services in the state Duma did not consider. “We service consumed. Nothing is free. Water and electricity costs money. If we are talking about whether to cancel the rent, it is not to abolish, but to find another source. To pass these costs on the local budget, at the regional and Federal. This is not the way,” – said Osipov.

Earlier media reported that the expenditure for the services of HCS Russians may grow by 30%. According to the head of the municipal economy Centre and the right of Boris Melnikova, the growth will be associated with large consumption of electricity and water in the conditions of isolation of citizens.

the Federation Council will propose to the government to release citizens from penalties for non-payment or incomplete payment of utility or contributions for major repairs in connection with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Sobtennice apartments in Moscow for three months are exempt from contributions for capital repair of common property, reported to Sergei Sobyanin on his personal website.

Online services and mobile applications will help the public to obtain services utility services and pay bills remotely. Citizens of older age, and those who transferred to a remote work from home will be able to transmit the meter readings, do not delay the payment of utilities and phone, as well as to solve other issues.

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