The redevelopment is expected to begin in the spring of 2023. The two in the 1926-built industrial buildings Jutier – and tons of hall since 1993, under monument protection.

The cultural-political speaker of the SPD, Klaus Peter Rupp, said yesterday that it was “exactly what we imagine for this place: In the tons of hall space for events. The Jutierhalle is a place of work for artists as well as actors of the cultural and creative economy.“

According to one house-in-house-concept, the Atelier and working spaces in the 2,000-square-meter Jutierhalle as a space module units, each around 20 square meters in size will be created. A total of 60 modules in the hall, of which two are provided for a gastronomic use. The use of the tons of hall are arranged in units in the building. The great hall, with approximately 780 square meters and the hall upstream, from the ground floor up to the roof open Foyer form the use of a focus in the Central area of the hall. On the ground floor catering and the backstage area are also. The first floor has administration, a warm-up room and Artists ‘ dressing rooms are provided. On the second floor a small hall, dance studios, and warehouse and technology are planned for the areas.

municipal officer Kristina Frank (CSU) said: “Jutier – and tons of hall of the identity are the heart of the creative parks. It is time that these large halls will be finally used.“ Cultural officer Anton Biebl said it was a good day for art and artists: “With the Jutier and the tons hall promotes affordable, the city and interdisciplinary working and presentation opportunities. Right in the middle of Munich, the Contemporary principal is created creative Park, with the potential for national and international importance.“


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