Forecasters said the weather on Friday

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

on Friday, February 14, in Moscow will remain cloudy weather with light rain in the afternoon. Heavy snow is possible, according to the center weather Phobos.

the Temperature in the city ranges from 0 to +2 degrees, in Moscow suburbs – from 0 to +3. The wind will blow from the South-West at a speed of 4-9 meters per second.

the atmospheric pressure will increase and will reach 750 mm Hg. It’s 2-3 mm above normal.

Sudden changes in the weather are expected in the capital region Monday, February 17. Strong wind up to 8-13 meters per second, and the temperature rises to 5 degrees.

the Reason for this will be the Atlantic cyclone, which will come nearer to the European part of the country. In the midst of it the pressure may fall to 700 millimeters of mercury.

due to icy conditions until 12:00 on 15 February extended the elevated level of weather danger.

the Muscovites are advised to prepare for early Allergy season

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