Forecasters said, when the capital will come the thaw

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko.

In the capital, the cold weather won’t linger for too long, the thaw is expected next week, according to the center weather “Phobos”.

According to forecasts of weather forecasters, air temperature in the city will fall within weeks. However, due to the strong North wind would seem that the street is colder.

As reported, on Thursday, the capital will fall under the influence of small but active cyclone.

“In the capital will rise the wind, will snow, and blizzards zametut. According to estimates, the metropolis can get about 3-5 millimeters of precipitation. The temperature will rise only to minus 4-2, in the suburbs – to minus 7-2. So, the precipitation will go in the solid phase and will ensure an increase in the snow cover height 3-5 centimeters,” – said in the message.

Forecasters expect that on Friday the snowfall will decrease, and the frost will increase: by morning, the city gets colder to minus 10.

“thus, the temperature regime for the first time this winter will return to the climatic norm. Weekend Muscovites will love the truly winter breed”, – stated in the message.

it is predicted that on Saturday the snow stops and the wind dies down. Night temperature will be minus 15-13 degrees, on area – to a minus of 18. By day the city is expected to 9-7 degrees below zero.

“And a new week will bring back thaw. So a blitzkrieg of winter will be short-lived,” – said in the message.

And the coldest day this winter was Wednesday 5 February. This day at noon the air temperature was minus 4.3.

Earlier it was reported that the peak cooling in the capital have weekend. According to experts of the center weather “Phobos” in the morning the air temperature can drop to minus 15 degrees. During the day will also be higher than the climate norm.

In connection with those who came to Moscow cold utilities capital spent preparing roads. As stated by the Deputy mayor concerning housing and communal servicesand Peter Biryukov, tracks and pavements treated with deicing compositions, as well as adjusted the procedure for cleaning streets.

researcher hydrometeorological centre of Russia Roman Vilfand said that full-fledged winter in Moscow for a long time is not delayed. From 7 February the weather forecaster predicts another warming, although the thermometer will still show the temperature below zero. However, on Sunday, 9 February will become warmer – from minus 4 to plus 1 degree.

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