Putin instructed to take away the licenses of pharmacies, overprice due to coronavirus

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Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to take away the licenses of such pharmacies over the price of drugs in connection with the coronavirus. About it RIA Novosti informs.

“Decided to cash in! It is necessary to identify these for each organization and decide to not do it next time”, – said the Russian leader.

Putin said that if the closes unscrupulous companies, the shortage of drugs will not. According to him, the pharmacy chain of Russia to a certain extent redundant, and therefore afraid of the lack of medicines is not necessary.

Previously, the FAS has threatened fines for pharmacies rising prices for medical masks. Deputy Minister Andrey Tsarikovsky said that in the regions bordering China, there is a slight increase in the price of the mask. The highest price recorded at the moment was marked in Dagestan.

the First cases of a new form of pneumonia in China was recorded in late December of last year. The causative agent of the disease was 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. The source of infection was the city of Wuhan.

According to the latest data from the coronavirus has died in 492 people, the number of cases exceeded 24,3 thousand people.

the who declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus emergency situation of international importance.

the Government of Russia took a decision to close all flights of the airlines in China. This limitation did not affect the flights of “Aeroflot” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It was also reported about the possibility of the termination of Charter flights. Suspended passenger service with China and Russian Railways.

Experts predict a shortage of garlic in Russia for coronavirus

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