Forecasters told, when in Moscow will melt the snow

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

the Snow in Moscow may melt away by the beginning of calendar spring because of warming, according to the portal “Meteonovosti”.

Monday Atlantic cyclone will supply the Russian plains portion of the warm air. In the afternoon will become warmer to +5 degrees.

In December, snow cover in the city was only 1 centimeter. By the end of January, the snow is up to 11 inches.

today, with snow in Moscow ranges from 4 inches in the center of the city up to 10 inches in the suburbs.

In the Moscow region the highest drifts in the East to 16 inches, less snow in the South to 5 inches.

According to forecasts, in March the temperature can rise up to 6 degrees, at night there is frost to -6.

Previously yellow level weather risk in Moscow and the Moscow region due to icy conditions extended to 23:00 Saturday, February 15.

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