Khusnullin estimated the possibility of reducing mortgage rates

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

an Opportunity to reduce interest rates on mortgages in Russia have, it is planned to study various options, said the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

He explained that this issue will be worked jointly with the Central Bank.

” I think the reserves are, e.g., organizational. Many people ask the question of the cost of insurance, which is a mandatory condition for obtaining a mortgage, rates are different everywhere. It may be worthwhile to come to one bet, and it will reduce. We need to seriously look at the issue that is raised by banks, funding. If a change is made to the regulations for funding, the cost of money will be the least expensive,” – said Khusnullin leads the Agency “Moscow”.

he Also stressed that the major issue is the refinancing.

“it Seems that the opportunity is there, but physically refinance to do is quite difficult. You need to understand what is reason,” – said Khusnullin.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin instructed to establish a system of informing citizens about the possibility of refinancing of mortgage loans. According to him, this must be done due to the ignorance of many citizens about their capabilities. He stressed that the average rate on mortgages in December last year amounted to 9%.

In January the weighted average rate on mortgage loans fell to a historic low of 9%. Just last year, individuals took 1.27 million mortgage loans. It is 13.7% lower than a year earlier.

In December 2019 on the mortgage loans had a quarter of the amount of money borrowed by individuals. For the month it was issued over 145 thousand mortgage loans totaling 345,1 billion. It’s almost a quarter more than the previous month.

According to the latest data, loans have 39.5 million people. Most of the clients of Russian banks have only one loan – cash loan or mortgage. DolI such borrowers from the total amount credited citizens gradually decreases.

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