Weapons of retaliation Hitler: how the Nazis wanted to build a space gun

Weapons 07/03/20 Weapons of retaliation Hitler: how the Nazis wanted to build a space gun

According to the UN Charter the use of outer space for military purposes is strictly prohibited. However, in past projects the establishment of military bases of space appeared on both sides of the ocean. One of the first such projects was the so-called space gun of Hitler.

the laurels of Archimedes

As you know, the legendary ancient Greek scientist Archimedes in 212 BC and destroyed several ships of the Roman fleet attacking Syracuse with the help of sunlight reflected from a concave mirror of polished copper. The most incredible thing in the same way the German scientists that developed the weapons of retaliation, were going to burn the world’s cities and countries, to vaporize the river and the sea. For this purpose the Nazis were going to place in orbit a giant mirror satellite 1.6 kilometers in diameter. Reflected from it is focused the rays of the Sun had to be directed to the desired point of the planet on enemies of the Third Reich.

a Weapon of retaliation

Despite the fact that with hindsight the project seems like science fiction in the first half of the XX century the Germans were seriously preparing for its implementation. The development of the solar cannon was engaged scientists located in research centers of the small village of Hillersleben. More than 150 physicists, designers and engineers day and night worked on the most fantastic projects which in the future could bring Germany’s absolute military superiority on the battlefield. When in the spring of 1945 in Hillersleben entered the allied troops, among the technical documentation they found a paper on the development of a “solar gun”. It is noteworthy that the author of this project was the famous German scientist, one of the founders of rocketry Hermann Oberth. Most interesting is that in 1929 a scientist in his book “the Path space pOleta” proposed to establish a manned space station in Earth orbit. In his fundamental work Orbert prophetic brilliantly described the principles on which today of the individual blocks are modern and the space station. While in the initial plans of the scientist did not sound military component of the station. Orbert was just planning to place in orbit a concave mirror 100 m in diameter for the transmission to Earth of solar energy to heat water and turn turbines of power plants. However, the military, acquainted with his project, decided otherwise. The scientist was given the task of developing the giant mirror located in the space to use as deadly weapons.

Sun gun

after Studying the draft of Alberta, the team of German physicists after detailed calculations, said that to accomplish the task, you will need a mirror area of not less than 3 square kilometers. It should be at a height of 8200 km above the planet’s surface. However, for the realization of such large-scale project, scientists took at least 50 years. To deliver into orbit the modules of the space station and the mirrors were improved versions of the rockets with the help of which during the war the Germans fired at London. This fuel for it was developed by the same Robert and the rocket itself was designed by the head of the German, and then American rocketry Werner Von Braun. With the Earth space station was to keep in touch via encrypted radio signal. It is noteworthy that to turn the giant mirror in orbit of the planet had a special rocket boosters, thereby directing focused beam of light to the desired point of the Earth. If this project is realized, the Nazis could from orbit to incinerate entire cities. But he fortunately remained only on paper.

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