Thomas Gottschalk has written a new biography about his life. In “the Fall” (appears on 2. September), settles the Moderator with his previous life. The “image”newspaper has printed the Preface. Therein, Gottschalk reveals: “A life in the fast Lane seemed to me to be always the right to existence concept for me. I left the slow lane eventually, full of impatience, not because I thought I was Better, but because it went ahead of me there simply is too slow.”

GNTM 2019 “This is the carnival all children” – as Thomas Gottschalk Thomas Gottschalk saw the GNTM-final with honest words in his new biography “the Fall”

While he was in the school and in the University more of those, “which have been lagging behind”, he had found his calling in front of the camera. He was then known, quickly, “I heard in life, and my thing was, like, I have to admit, in retrospect, almost a certain arrogance,” he writes, honestly. This is, however, only become aware of this as the “last third” of his journey is his private life is a mess got.

With the metaphor of a car journey describes the 69-Year-old his life. He was “always on Autopilot on the road” and “never”. Smaller mishaps would have him, never minded that much, he admits. “I was always good on the road and I hail the car from my luxury car happily in the small, where I passed by. Mostly it was back and waved,” says Gottschalk sincere. But at some point he had realized that he had “the bulk” of the journey. “Because I’m pretty scared.”

In the past few months, it has in the life of the former “Wetten, dass…?”-Moderator some of the changes given. In March, Thomas and Thea Gottschalk announced their separation after 46 years together. Now he seems to want his life as honestly as possible to reflect. “I was so sure that my Plan would work, until I realized that I had not,” he writes in the Preface to “the Fall”.

source: “image”-newspaper

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