The police in Germering, close to Munich, a suspected ATM-Sprenger shot and injured. With an accomplice of the man I want to crack on early Wednesday morning, a vending machine, a spokesman said. Special units came to the two of you, but before.

In the case of the escape of the alleged perpetrator with a car shot, the officers shot at the leave in the car – the man was hurt. He came to in a hospital. The second suspect escaped on foot. According to him, the police are hunting.

In the case of a second action in the neighbouring Gilching (district of Starnberg) arrests special forces, three other possible accomplices. Details were initially unclear. The police want to make noon more information to the incident.

investigators had four suspects in Germering, upper, said the spokesman. Just before the men tried to enter the Bank to handles the special units. The police believe that the men of Gas, tried to pass into the machine to blast him and steal then money.

According to information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” also, the officials of the getaway car with two police cars, one suspect escaped and then by foot, the other had tried to RAM the police cars to the side. A shot in the shoulder would have stopped him. Also the “evening newspaper” reported about it. A police helicopter was in use, as the Munich police force tweeted.

The wounded man was taken to a hospital. How severe his injuries was not immediately known. Life danger had passed for the man.

On Wednesday morning, specialists examined the land criminal police office to the scene of the crime in Germering. It should also be clarified, how many shots were made, the Elite police officers. The Bank’s fleeing men were not armed, according to initial findings of the investigators.


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