Holger Glandorf is the man of records in German football. Eleven years after the victory with the German national team at the world Championships at home, the right rear space shooter is still hunting for goals. With 2330 hits in 494 League games he has scored more goals from the field than any other player. In the Interview, Glandorf, 35, talks about his goals with the SG Flensburg-Handewitt and the duel on Wednesday (19 PM) in the Cup round against the SC Magdeburg.

the WORLD: Mr. Glandorf, you have set up with your Team just created a new club record of 17 League games won in a row. An incredible series.

Holger Glandorf: As a player, you’re not really true. We prepare for the good, old Motto, that we only look to the next game. Record shows we don’t have it at all. But clearly, this is beautiful, and so was not necessarily to be expected.

the WORLD: The victory series is also surprising, because their club in the summer let a large core of strong players, and had such world-class people such as Mattias Andersson, Kentin Mahé and Henrik Toft Hansen is lost.

Glandorf: Yes, we are still in the midst of a large development process. The players who have left us, have been here for years. And the Integration of the New. It looks like the result so good, therefore, is surprising. But we also know that we still have quite a lot of work ahead of us and it is still a long way off. We are working on a daily basis.

the WORLD: Before the season, has put in a poll, no one of your competitors on a successful title defence in the SG. Was underestimated your Team, after all, the reigning champion, a little?

Glandorf: I don’t know. It is difficult, before the season, a tip-off. I’m doing me as always hard. We are now two points ahead of Magdeburg, and four in front of some of the other teams. We try to make it as good as possible for our Job and us as a team to develop. But the season is still very, very long time. I’m still cautious about any forecasts.

the WORLD: Is there a secret to success?

Glandorf: It is important for us that the players pass to each other, not only from performance but also from the character and the personality. With the new additions, our leaders have demonstrated a good knack. We experienced players will try to move Integration forward, in order to each other a good mood. We need to have fun, to play good football. When we get in the competitions far, we have 60 to 65 games per season. Since each player knows that someday he will be needed.

the WORLD: On Wednesday evening you play with your team in the Cup against Magdeburg, a duel of the best Handball Teams in Germany.

Glandorf: Absolutely. This is a K. o. game, both Teams want to continue to come and not necessarily to the Final Four in Hamburg. Magdeburg makes it in this season is outstanding. They just had a new addition and are very well rehearsed with your fast-paced Handball. It is a really nice and exciting game – hopefully with the better end for us.

the WORLD: you have just extended your contract in Flensburg until 2023, then they are 37. How is it at your age, possible all three, four days in peak performance?

Glandorf: That’s a good question (laughs). I was able to make my Hobby my profession, and the biggest drive for me is still fun. Of course, a other care in my old age now. I have to listen to my body and see what’s good for me. This has a lot to do with self-discipline. I must see to it that I sleep a lot, eat and me enough to care. And to be honest, I also times, two bad games.

the WORLD: you will Need at your age is something Special, you don’t need earlier?

Glandorf: I’m not often in the case of our Physios for treatment, but I’m great not much different than in the past. Just that I need longer breaks to Play, I can tell already.

the WORLD: your favorite drink is coffee, for an athlete rather unusual.

Glandorf: Yes, coffee I like to drink and snack a lot. Especially after the nights are short. However, it must be a good coffee.

the WORLD: your old colleague from the national team, Hendrik Pekeler, has recently bemoaned the Overload of for German players. A recurrent discussion in the Handball-Bundesliga. You will feel the same – especially at your age?

Glandorf: I see it similar to Hendrik, and can understand his criticism, therefore, is good. I see the biggest Problem is not necessarily in the time between the Games, but rather in the summer break. Since we only have three weeks of vacation – much too little, in order to regenerate properly. Just after wide variety of Games. Since we need to consider together how we can optimize for us players. But clubs that only 34 Bundesliga games, don’t see these problems at all. This is a difficult discussion. Basketball professionals in the United States account for 80 to 90 games in the season, but have three months of summer break.

the WORLD: last year, you had to often even in the League and the Champions League with only two days to break it.

Glandorf: it was really exhausting. Since only 48 hours of time were often between Games. And that was not particularly conducive to us. In the case of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, it was even so that a championship game at almost the same time with a Champions League game was played. This Is Ridiculous. And for the significance of the Bundesliga in Europe is not conducive. A solution could be a competitive cross 72-hour rule.

the WORLD: In Winter, the home world Cup. It is possible to write a re-fairy-tale-like in 2007, when Germany was in their own country, champion of the world. At the time, they were instrumental in winning the title. It itches a little in the fingers, if you think of the world Cup in 2019?

Glandorf: no, far, far away. As a player, it is no longer itchy, I look forward to follow the world Cup as a Fan. I finished with the national team after my retirement in 2017. In 2007, I have benefited from that veteran players have stopped. And we have currently on my Position, strong players that have enough experience to play a good tournament. I’m happy for the boys that they are allowed to experience something like that. Because that is a huge thing.

the WORLD: Was the title at the world Championships at home, for you the Highlight of your career?

Glandorf: All of the titles were very nice, as I do difficult for me to compare to each other. Up to a medal at the Olympic Games and the European Championships I’ve won everything there is to win. At the country level, the world title was of course the Best ever.

the WORLD: As you can see, the current national team set up? There was recently discussion to the national coach Christian Prokop, which is not uncontroversial.

Glandorf: He’s about to try again a few new people, which is important for the development of the team. Germany has good opportunities to bring a very strong team at the Start. If all stay healthy. I have good hope. As for the Trainer, I can’t say much. I hardly know him. But no matter, it’s the last pre – now need to pull yourself together. The team and coaches have a huge goal in these world Championships at home, which should all enjoy.

the WORLD: Why is the national team has been so important for the Handball in Germany?

Glandorf: The national team is our flagship par excellence. It’s a great opportunity to present themselves. Because many people will watch the games, not watch otherwise Handball. The ratings for these tournaments are fantastic. This is a great opportunity to make the sport of handball in Germany even better known and to show.


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