Gives a forecast on the influence of the spring Tepa on coronavirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

the Virologist Anatoly Alstan told what effect will weather have on the spread of coronavirus infection.

He claims that the spring heat will not affect COVID-19.

“I think the change of weather that is happening now, the epidemic will not affect and will not hold her” – leads portal the words of the expert.

Ulstein explained that the warming will not slow down or accelerate the spread of coronavirus.
Weather can have an impact on the infection only closer to the summer, I’m sure the virologist. The reason is that in summer, people become more susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Earlier, the virologist said, will the cold in Moscow for the spread of the coronavirus. Director of SIC for the prevention and treatment of viral infections Georgy Vikulov said that the cold in the capital will not affect the speed of propagation COVID-19.

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