Grudinin on the non-working week for farmers: tractor virus does not transmit

Those who work in an office, they are already all on remote. Anyone can be let in connection with the closure of schools, all released. And those who are in animal husbandry, crop production, no output. Agriculture does not operate by decree, and the weather. Now comes the harrowing, fertilizing of winter crops, a lot of things. You will need to sow — let’s go to plant, otherwise, we just harvest get. There is another bulkhead of vegetables, preparation for sale, shipment of products to cities. If a ton of carrots to leave for a week, it will sprout and it will have to be disposed of. The cow also needs to feed and milk every day. If the stores not received the products, prices will rise. As Lukashenka said, the tractor will heal all. Actually, the person who works on the tractor, not in contact with anyone, and the tractor, the virus is not transmitted. Most likely, the President is expected to announce a weekend and people go to dachas, will work in the gardens and less contact with others. They probably want people to disperse across the countryside.

− How will you pay for these days?

− here is interesting. The President said about the pay. But if you do not work, what salary? It is also necessary to understand. In other countries, when the government says “don’t go to work”, it compensates employers the money. And we have due to what holiday? At the expense of the employer? Instead make life easier business, on the contrary, it would complicate things? That is, produce nothing, and pay – pay. This requires a certain understanding. The salary is the wage rate, bonus and other benefits, depending on the results of labor. Don’t know how every employer will get out of the situation. And we worked seven days a week, and we will. But since the work on weekends are paid twice, that we most likely will pay more to his subordinates.

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