Corona crisis hits him too

Even the star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer (55) is not without a trace of the corona crisis. “Professionally, it is of course a big cut, as with a whole, many,” explains the 55-year-old in an interview with the spot on news news agency. “I am an artist myself and work in the creative field. Of course we have big problems not only to continue producing our programs, but also to be able to implement all the other projects as usual. ”

One of these projects: “Murder in the Orient Express”. A play by and with actress Katharina Thalbach (66). Kretschmer is responsible for the costumes. “This is of course fatal if everything has to be canceled indefinitely a week before the premiere. Many orders and moderations had to be canceled or postponed. That is of course a big cut, for me too, ”he continues.

Fashion, like many other industries, will have to consolidate. “Perhaps the production routes will be reconsidered and the type of classic fashion show will also change for sure. I think everything will be a little more national, models will come from the closer region and you won’t travel that far for fashion productions either, ”Kretschmer looks to the future. “We will have a lot of cuts, like every other area. But you also have to say that the fashion industry was always an industry that had to organize itself. It is a very unique and creative cosmos and I think that we will definitely find a solution to present our fashion anew in the future and still maintain the magic that fashion needs. ”

And how does the designer personally experience the corona restrictions? “We are currently in a phase in which the restrictions are loosening up somewhat. I personally still try to hold myself back by avoiding external contacts and protecting myself with all the possibilities that are given to us. As long as I can, I will try to do that. Of course I’m working more now, but with new protection options. For me, like many others, a certain isolation is not over, thank God. The support of everyone is still needed so that the risk of infection, especially for risk groups, becomes less and less. ”

The star designer is currently involved with many other celebrities in the #icherheim initiative – a campaign against domestic violence against women. A global crime that has been exacerbated by corona-related measures. “It just cannot happen that you are exposed to violence at home. That is why it is an issue that really deserves support, ”says Kretschmer. In addition to the designer, cycling Olympic champion Kristina Vogel, moderator Frauke Ludowig and “Tatort” star Jan Josef Liefers are also involved. Actress Natalia Wörner is the patron of the initiative.



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