Star designer Guido Maria Kretschmer has now talked to Dunja Hayali about a sweet secret that should surprise many people. Because his husband Frank and he apparently had a foster daughter for many years! Now Guido Maria Kretschmer tells details of this moving family story for the first time.

The confession about the drawing daughter of the designer and his

Husband Frank Mutters (64) surprised many people. “Frank and I raised a child together,” revealed the 55-year-old in the Instagram video with Dunja Hayali. It was about Claire, the daughter of his girlfriend Mechthild. “I already had her in my arms as an infant,” Guidio proudly confirms. The girl had grown up with Guido and his husband, who had been living on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca at the time. “The idea came up to teach her Spanish too, and then she came to Spain for the summer vacation to go to school there,” says Guido, describing the beginning.

But apparently Claire had liked it so much that she just stayed there much longer than planned. “Then she lived with us for years and is back on vacation with her original parents,” explains Guido. The following statement by the designer shows how intimate the relationship between Claire and the two men was: “She always wrote Frank and Guido under her passport when she wrote parents. We brought her to school and picked her up and went through all of puberty together. ”Now Guido proudly announces that Claire has even made the two men grandfathers over time. Claire, now 36, lives in Dublin with her husband and named her first son Frank. At Claire’s wedding, Guido and Frank received the most beautiful compliment for them: “The groom said: Everything she is, he sees in us. It was a very nice moment. ”



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