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GZSZ star Ulrike Frank: This is how the shooting for the anniversary episode went

April 20, 2024 – 7:05 a.m.

“It is a challenge”

A very special anniversary is due at GZSZ on April 29, 2024. Then the 7000th episode of RTL on TV starts at 7:40 p.m. A new trailer gives first glimpses: For Maren, Yvonne, Nina and Katrin it will be really dramatic on their vacation in Fuerteventura …

In an interview, Ulrike Frank told us how the shooting on the Canary Island went. It was “a challenge” for the whole team. You can find out more in the video.

Ulrike Frank also has a reason to celebrate

7000 episodes of GZSZ – and well over 4000 episodes for actress Ulrike Frank. Madness! The actress would never have dared to dream that. “At first Katrin Flemming was a guest role, I only expected four months at the time. But then it wasn’t just the combination with Jo Gerner alias Wolfgang Bahro that worked so well that I got a lot more out of it, so to speak stay, “says the actress. We show your GZSZ debut here in the video.

Ulrike Frank particularly remembered the following GZSZ scenes: “When Katrin thought that her six-month-old daughter Johanna had been kidnapped and was dead, that took me a lot back then. The incest story with Katrin’s adult daughter Jasmin was also very dramatic. But most of all I actually got under the skin of the wonderful love story with Till (bobble), which ended so tragically with his death, I believe, because there was perfect happiness and suffering so close together. ”

Video: This GZSZ story also got under Ulrike Frank’s husband’s skin

Ulrike Frank explains how to play a drunk

Katrin Flemming is currently losing control of her life in the series and is reaching for the bottle every day. A challenge for the actress? “I already learned to play drunkenness while I was studying drama. Our coach gave me another good tip, and in the end I developed my own technique with all levels from slightly tipsy to hail of stars. You can’t make the mistake, only to stumble or just to hang around, because a drunk is still trying to keep up, even when speaking, “she reveals. What you have to pay special attention to when shooting is revealed here.


How things will continue with Katrin at GZSZ can be seen on TVNOW seven days before the TV broadcast.

Ulrike Frank


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