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Till makes a sweet declaration of love to his Hanna

April 20, 2022 – 8:00 a.m.

Till’s heart only beats for his Hanna

It didn’t look like it in the beginning, but “Temptation Island” candidate Till has obviously gone into itself. In a fun game in the men’s villa, Hanna’s friend makes it clear to the assembled team that there is only ONE for him: his girlfriend Hanna. When asked which of the hot seducers is the greatest temptation for him, Till has a clear answer: “This is not because you are not great women. But for me, my heart only beats for a lady who lives a few houses away “. We show the whole game and Tills complete declaration of love in the video.

Till wants to resist all temptations

At the start of “Temptation Island”, Till stepped on the gas. However, he quickly regretted his merry whirlpool action with Calvin and tearfully apologized to his girlfriend Hanna. Since then he has not attracted negative attention on the island of temptation. In episode 7, Till is now making his decision public: He has made a firm decision not to get too close to any single lady, because he just loves his girlfriend more than anything.

You can find out whether this also applies to the other gentlemen awarded on Tuesday, April 21 at 11:05 p.m. on RTL – or already online on TVNOW.

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Stream “Temptation Island” on TVNOW

RTL shows the new season of “Temptation Island” every Tuesday evening. There is already more to see online: The new “Temptation Island” episodes are already available on TVNOW 3 weeks before TV broadcast.

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