Haber7 (Turkey): tension escalated! Critical decision Putin on Saudi Arabia

Oil war between Riyadh and Moscow have a negative impact on relations between the two countries.

Putin has decided not to negotiate

Russia continues to react in response to a move by Saudi Arabia, which brought down oil prices by increasing the supply. After the collapse of the deal, OPEC, Russian President Putin decided not to hold talks with representatives of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have taken the path of “oil war”, struck their Russian counterparts hard reaction.

because of course Saudi Arabia of oil Urals has fallen below $ 20 per barrel. In Western Europe, the crude oil Urals dropped to the lowest level in 18 years — 18.67 USD. Such a sharp drop in oil prices caused a record in 2014 the devaluation of the ruble, cleared a path to the impoverishment of the people for several months.

the Kremlin expects to survive the crisis and in the war of attrition prefers to stay away from Saudi Arabia. So, the Russian President Putin took the decision not to negotiate with the Saudis headed by the crown Prince.

Suffer Riyadh

Russian sources pointed out that President Putin will not succumb to oil blackmail the Saudis, and the oil war will hurt not Moscow, and the administration of Riyadh.

Sources believe that Saudi Arabia’s budget is much more dependent on oil prices. And the Russian Ministry of Finance claims that can cope with low oil prices for a period of 6-10 years.

Recall that the decline in oil prices in parallel with the slowdown in production due to coronavirus in Saudi Arabia has sent Russia a proposal to cut oil production.

Russia has not agreed, and Saudi Arabia, having increased production, collapsed the price of Brent crude oil to 32 dollars per barrelb. After that, Russia also declared its intention to increase oil production.

reader Comments:

Guest: Ah-Ah-Ah, serves you right, zagryzit each other, and the benefits let us go, let citizens buy cheap gasoline, let’s trade deficit of our country will decrease.

Mucahit Yilmaz: Is the United States encouraged the Saudis to do this. Spiritually done for the Saudis will come to an end and in the material sense. With oil, Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage of Muslims to Holy sites in Mecca and Medina — approx. lane) stopped, if you stop and Hajj… besides they are lazy, and there is no industry, no production. Then Mecca and Medina will be again, God grant.

cons: You’re both tyrants, destroy each other.

birthplace: Both sides changeable. When they have interest, they turn the other way. Fortunately, this whole situation is beneficial to countries such as us.

Uvas: This is our chance. Even if Turkey buys cheap oil.

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