Side Hutsuls fought in the Great Patriotic

History 17/03/20 side Hutsuls fought in the Great Patriotic

the Territory of Western Ukraine during the war was a tangle of warring forces.
the Red Army fought the German forces regularly committed attacks of guerrillas, were active part of the Ukrainian insurgent army* and the organization of Ukrainian nationalists* , the met and the independent Ukrainian formation. Local residents, a large proportion of whom were the Hutsuls had to choose which side to support.

the land on which they lived Hutsul, was incorporated into the USSR only in 1939, Before this land was divided between Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Until 1920, the Hutsuls were subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the First world war, formed from the Hutsul “Hutsul hut” (the analogue of a battalion consisting of several hundred people) were part fought in the Austro-Hungarian army Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen.

the Hutsuls – almost Aryans

In February 1940 in the journal of the SS “Ensenanzas” devoted to issues of race and “purity of blood”, published an article by Heinrich Himmler “On the return of German blood to the German people”. In it Himmler appealed in the history of the Carpathians and said: “Gorale, Lemkos and Hutsuls, the German origin of which, at least, their permeation by the Germans, no doubt, must eventually be Germanized”. Declared necessary training of these groups the German language and customs. Hutsul men later campaigned to join the ranks of the German Armed forces, and volunteers gladly accepted.

the Hutsuls in the units of the OUN*

a Considerable part of the Hutsuls joined the combat groups of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists, which operated in the territory of Bukovina and Galicia. In 1942 in Galicia, the movement has grown in the Ukrainian national self-defence. The name proved so popular that even after the ONS joined the UKrainsky rebel army, it persisted until the end of 1943, then was changed to*UPA-West. In Bukovina there was a similar situation – self-Bukovina army also became part of*UPA-West.

the formation of the UPA-West was divided into several military districts. In one of them, IN “Goverla”, there was a Hutsul hut. In the first half of 1944 IN “Goverla” commanded Ivan butkovsky with the name Hutsul.

Mostly these groups fought against Soviet troops. Thus, on 22 February 1945, Hutsul hut blew up the bridges on the highway Coloma – Coloma Yablonov and – Ispas Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk) region. They fought with the Germans, took away their weapons. If the Germans did not surrender, they were killed.

Peter Humeniuk, one of the fighters of the UPA* who commanded the hundred, in an interview about his activities during the war told me that he hundred consisted mainly of local Hutsuls and he was also a Hutsul, entered into a nationalist organization in 1940.

the formation of the UPA* fought in the Carpathian mountains until the mid 50-ies. To suppress them were thrown forces of the army and the NKVD. Battle of UPA units* divided into small groups to better hide.

Humeniuk recalled that the UPA* there were a few Hutsul villages: “One base was in bili Oslavy, second in Kosmach — I was there, the third in Sochi. And the “capital” of the UPA* was a Black Thread — there are hundreds stationed permanently. Then many hundreds of Black Thread was moved to Sochi. But in the villages we long been sitting, moved from place to place.”

the Struggle against the Soviet partisans

the Hutsuls fought against and threw in the Carpathian mountains of the Soviet partisan groups. So, in 1943, conducted a RAID of the shell. The detachment was intended to gain a foothold in the Carpathians, but it failed of a sufficient support of the local people he found. Kovpak and his men were able to go back to Eastern Ukraine. The commander reported: “In mountainous areas, especially the border to Hungary, the mood of the highlanders-Hutsuls often washonor hostile. Especially favorably [to the partisans] the population of Polish villages. Many Ukrainians among the traitors, the German campaigners”.

a Similar idea can be seen in the report Ukrainian official in the German service (from the document “Report to UCC about the situation in Kolomiysky district of the Ukrainian district Committee in Coloma”): “Emergency escape Hood and his men from the mountains, as the Hutsuls hunted them like bears.”

the German command in 1943, he created the Ukrainian volunteer SS division “Galicia”. Its membership mainly consisted of the residents of the district of Galicia of the General government. As of June 3, 1943 it joined about 80 thousand volunteers, one of them was taking about 50 thousand, and began training 13. Perhaps among them were the Hutsuls, however, precise data on this.

of Course, some of the Hutsul were mobilized in the Red Army, like many other residents of Western Ukraine. In 1944-1945 the Soviet troops were mobilized about 700 thousand inhabitants of Bukovina and Galicia. Several dozen people received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

* a prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation

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