S-400: how to shoot the best anti-aircraft system in the world

Weapons 04/03/20 mil.GIS-400: how to shoot the best anti-aircraft system in the world

Today the s-400 has become something of a Kalashnikov. They all admire, it all need. Are interested even Washington, but certainly not as a potential buyer, but as a war opponent who wants to study threatening him with a weapon.

the Defender of Russian sky

anti-aircraft missile system large and medium-range s-400 “Triumph” produced by the concern “Almaz-Antey” was adopted in April 2007. This system is designed to combat all types of modern means of aerospace attack, is designed to protect any above-ground facilities, both military and civilian. S-400 protect skies near Moscow, the Baltic, the Far East and southern Russia. In the terminology of NATO, these areas are part of the so-called “zone of prohibition of access”, where the conduct of offensive operations has no prospects.

the Performance characteristics of the s-400 are: it is able to intercept targets flying at a speed of almost 5 km/s at distances up to 600 km, range cover ranges from 2 to 400 km, can track targets at altitudes from 60 meters to 30 kilometers, ready to start in the standby mode, 40 seconds continuous work about 10 thousand hours, service life of missiles — at least 15 years.

According to the external parameters of the s-400 is very similar to representatives of the previous generation s-300. This, according to the statement of experts made in order that the opponent could not see which weapon he will have to deal with.

the Complex is to monitor and deal with such air targets as ballistic and cruise missiles, fighters, bombers, reconnaissance planes, drones. It is noteworthy that Triumf can capture any low-flying objects, the envelopes of the most difficult terrain. S-400 is integrated with electronic warfare, in particular dedicated to providing prompt serviceuchenymi for destruction of navigation systems and missile guidance.

the s-400 is an intelligent system. Its radar can detect what is the purpose of his own, and a stranger, to calculate the degree of danger of the object and then pass it to the coordinates on the combat control. When a target – in effect, depending on its characteristics shall be one of five types of missiles designed to strike at different heights. Recently battery aerospace defense bearing combat duty near Moscow, was equipped with all-altitude detectors, able to distinguish up to 100 different classes of objectives.

Launch all missiles included in ammunition-400, produced by the so-called “cold start”. This means that the rocket from the launch container throws the powder catapult, at a height of several tens meters in the case involving gas rudders that specifies the desired trajectory, followed by the already included jet boosters. Such a mechanism increases the flight distance of the warhead and reduces near the boundary of the affected area.

Not a competitor to the

s-400 is almost unanimously recognized as the best anti-missile system in the world, although there are always those who focuses on weak areas of the Russian complex. Thus, the private experts of the analytical company Stratfor noted the vulnerability of s-400 in the case of their use outside of integrated air defense systems, as well as low effectiveness against low-flying missiles.

the rest of the s-400 is the undisputed leader. Russian and foreign experts in one voice declare that this system has proved its superiority over all others. Wolfgang Richter, expert on arms Foundation of science and policy in Berlin, said that the s-400, ranked among the best products on the international market, certainly superior to the American system “patriot”, which are in service in Germany.

the American edition of the Wall Street Journal expresses the opinion that the s-400 are a direct threat to the military ddominirovanie USA and forced the Pentagon to accept the fact that NATO aircraft can no longer feel comfortable there, which supplied these weapons. According to the authors of the publication, especially limiting the zone of action of the United States the ring of defense, created by Russia off the coast of Syria, along the borders of Eastern Europe and the far East.

At the time American intelligence agencies have shown increased interest in the technologies used in the development of the s-300, and today they are no less interested in the new generation of Russian air defense system. This is understandable, because their own anti-aircraft missile system “patriot” are inferior to Russian ones as the flight range and height of defeats the purpose. “Patriots” also have significant limitations in speed and accuracy of launches, no wonder them stuck insulting nickname Holey (“Leaky”).

Among the disadvantages of the “Patriot” experts identify the sensitivity of generators to clogging by sand, unstable power and low altitude interception of targets. Occurred and unauthorized launches.

Even the newest version of the American air defense system – Patriot PAC-3 can not be compared with s-400. It’s too expensive, and the results of its combat use in Saudi Arabia leaves much to be desired. So, of the 91 issued by the Iraqi missiles shot down was only 45 at the rate of 158 anti-aircraft warheads. In addition, the majority of hits was only damage to the body of the Iraqi missiles, which did not reduce damage during their contact with the ground. In the end, the result of the attack on the American base near Gongabu steel 28 dead US servicemen.

Need all

Americans are afraid of the Russian “Triumph” not only because of their effectiveness. Edition RealClear Defense noted that today many countries have expressed their intention to acquire the s-400 and selling high-tech weapons only diversifitsirovat the Russian economy and reduce its dependence on exports of oil and gas resources. It does not play into the hands of the United States.

Who is interested in improvingsobennosti in Russian SAMS? The first was China, which agreed to Finance the purchase of six divisional sets of s-400 with accessories. Contract amount – $3 billion For China, followed by India, which plans to acquire five regimental kits of Triumphs, and pay for them with dollars, and the Russian currency – in excess of 330 billion rubles.

Finally, on the signing of a contract to supply s-400, said the Turkey. The agreement provides for Ankara’s four battalions of Russian complex in the amount of $2 billion, the Authors of the American edition of Air Force Times expressed concern that the use of the Turkish military s-400 in conjunction with the F-35 can lead to the disclosure of secret technology “invisible”, with the result that American planes brand will lose its effectiveness.

In response, the American media tried to scare Moscow that Ankara had allegedly concluded with the Pentagon the agreement which pledged to provide U.S. military s-400 for detailed study. However, Turkish foreign Ministry refuted these allegations, assuring Moscow that representatives of the United States to anti-aircraft complexes will not work.

the Pentagon quickly reacted to the purchase by Turkey of s-400, accusing Turkey of betraying the interests of the Alliance. The United States canceled has already been signed with Turkey the agreement on the acquisition of fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35, for which she has already paid the fee in full. In addition, there is information that the White house is preparing for Turkey additional package of sanctions.

There is another reason for resentment of the United States. Washington strongly affected by the fact that Turkey chose Russian armed Patriot that American gunsmiths had long talks about their partner in NATO. Experts believe that such an act political defiance on the part of Turkey makes sense only in case if the purchased product will justify itself by 100%.

At the moment the demand for the Russian “Triumph” is so large that the adviser of the Russian President VLADimir Koshin said: “the possibilities of production are not limitless, the newest air defense system of Russia lined up”. Among the possible operators of the s-400 called Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq, Iran. According to the American channel CNBC, just on the Russian anti-aircraft system of claim 13 South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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